Things to Consider When Buying a Commercial Van


There are plenty of things to think about prior to buying a commercial van for your business, price isn’t the only important factor. Before you purchase a vehicle, it is worth considering your needs and the needs of your business. Buying a van for your company is a big financial investment, but there are options for business owners. Companies who specialise in hire purchase and small van hire in Swansea recommend doing some background research before you decide on a vehicle. There is an assortment of models on the market and some of the best commercial vans are made by manufacturers such as:

  • Citroen
  • Ford
  • Hyundai
  • Isuzu
  • Mercedes Benz

These points will help you when shopping around for a new commercial van for your company.

Table of Contents

Engine Fuel

You’ve 2 choices when it comes to choosing an engine for your van – petrol or diesel. Diesel engines are better suited to light commercial vehicles, they also use a lot less fuel in comparison to a petrol engine. If you aren’t carrying a lot of weight, you do less than 15,000km a year and you keep your van for roughly 5 years, there is an argument for buying a petrol engine.


Most vans come with a single side door and this is usually perfect for most drivers. But if you work in areas where parking is scarce or you must navigate through small alleyways, 2 doors will come in handy.


If you’re driving in a van on a full-time basis, you’ll want something that provides outstanding comfort.

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