Why is LocoNav a Friend To Small & Big Business


Since the invention of the GPS Vehicle Tracker, Vehicle Tracking Systems have advanced a lot. A Vehicle Tracking System can now record and process a variety of data and provide fleet owners with many types of information. Information that ranges from route optimization to driver behavior, there is a lot on the offer. There is a lot of potential in the use of Vehicle Tracking System in India. It can help both small and big business to become much more effective and reach their full operational potential. Here’s how.

#1 Save Time

Utilizing a Vehicle Tracking System in India can help time focused businesses like food delivery businesses and logistics businesses to save a lot of time. Business managers can now track the whereabouts of the vehicles using a software which is fed information by a GPS Vehicle Tracker that is fitted into the vehicles. This information can help the business managers to look for better routes and help drivers avoid traffic jams and also provide assistance in case the drivers have lost their way. 

This also saves the businesses a lot of fuel costs as their vehicles now travel in shorter routes and reach their destinations faster. This can help increase the productivity of the company by a large margin as more tasks can be taken up and more destinations can be reached within a shorter time frame.

#2 Organise Performance

Nowadays a Vehicle Tracking System in India can also help businesses to manage their vehicles usage and the condition of their vehicles. The GPS Vehicle Tracker along with various other sensors feed the Vehicle Tracking System with various data related to the performance of the engine, the mileage of the vehicle, the condition of different parts of the vehicle and many such data. This data is then analyzed by the system and then its processed into meaningful information that is displayed to the user. It provides information like which parts of the vehicle needs to be replaced, when the vehicle needs to be serviced next, how much fuel is being consumed and how much it could consume in the future.

This information can help the businesses to manage the maintenance schedules of their vehicles and avoid any accidents from happening. The information can be used to plan the usage of the vehicles appropriately. It can save up a lot of time and help fleet owners to avoid maintenance fraudulence.

#3 Gather Insight

A Vehicle Tracking System also provides fleet owners with recognizing important patterns in business operations. This can help fleet businesses that give rent out their vehicles to expand their business greatly. The system can recognize patterns such as how the demand of their vehicles are spread out over a year. This information can help business owners to plan their operations and advertisements according to the seasonal demand. 

A GPS Vehicle Tracker can also help these businesses to maintain the secure use of their vehicles. The system can alert the fleet owners if any of their vehicles are being misused by their clients. This robust platform sends a notification in the case of harsh braking, harsh acceleration, rough cornering, overloading et cetera. The system can also be used to check the topology where their vehicles are being used. This can let fleet owners know if their vehicles are being used in inappropriate terrain.

#4 Improve Accuracy

Installing a Vehicle Tracking System in India is a great choice for taxi fleet owners or rental car businesses. Fleet owners can now get accurate data about their vehicle’s journey. This can help them to prepare accurate receipts for their customers. This enables fleet owners to understand the routes that have more customers. As a result, this can help them to reroute their vehicles to the demand heavy locations. 

With the aid of a Vehicle Tracking System, fleet owners can also see if their vehicles have exited the designated work area. This can be very helpful in case a vehicle gets stolen. If a vehicle is stolen a fleet owner can precisely track the whereabouts of the vehicle and also share the live location of the vehicle with police services. 

A Vehicle Tracking System also provides data on the driver’s behavior. The fleet owners can now see statistics on how a driver has driven in between a set time period. This can help the owners to understand which drivers are good for business and which drivers need improvements.

#5 Expedite Safety 

The most important feature that a Vehicle Tracking System provides are the safety options. Safety of the drivers is of great importance for the successful running of a fleet business. A Vehicle Tracking System notifies the fleet owners and emergency services in case an accident has taken place. This allows the emergency services to trace the exact location of the accident and reach the location promptly so that it can provide assistance.

#6 Embrace Technology

It is very easy and inexpensive for fleet owners to use tracking systems than using traditional management systems. In a traditional management system, a huge number of staff is needed to be hired. A lot of new infrastructure is needed to house the staff. A lot of time and money is spent on unnecessary paperwork. 

But by using a Vehicle Tracking System, fleet owners need to hire a smaller workforce who use a computer software to manage the operation of the fleet. This can be done from one single hub for both small and big businesses. So, a huge amount of money is saved on infrastructure and hiring processes. Information is digital and can be shared through the application. 

The system also helps to make communication much effective between fleet owners, managers and drivers as the software come with communication options like location sharing, route sharing and messaging. 

A Vehicle Tracking System can also help the company keep better accountability in the workforce, inventory and client service. Keeping a good accountability can help businesses in times of turmoil between the business and the clients or employees. Having an accountability also helps businesses to take calculated risks in their expansion.

With current reformations in the Indian road transport scenario it’s safe to say that India is set to be one of the world’s largest markets for Vehicle Tracking Systems. At a time like this, it would be wise to choose the best vehicle tracking system provider available in the market: LocoNav. It would be a great choice for small and big businesses to befriend LocoNav’s vehicle tracking systems.

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