Review Of Toyota Vios, What’s New And Interesting?


For those who are looking for a car type option right now. It must be said that there is one camp that is coming back strong again. By taking the successful models of their cars to improve and increase the efficiency of work even better. Of course, this camp that is talking about is Toyota that is a car camp from Japan. that every year a new model has to be announced Or the dazzling technology that makes the entire automobile industry amazing, and for 2020 or the past year it has done the same thing. A car that is ready for every situation and has functions thatare useful in full use that everyone is ready to be able to follow the information of Toyota Vios

Stronger engine

It is undeniable that what the old car is doing well is about the efficiency of the engine that is faster, stronger and increases driving performance than other cars in the camp, but the return of Toyota Vios this time It’s called breaking the former limit and build a faster engine and stronger than before with unique technology

All this cannot be called improvement. But it’s better to call it a complete overhaul. I can assure you that if you are one of those people who have been impressed with the previous car. Driving this car will surely make you fall in love with it.

External View

Toyota Vios well, because the exterior design emphasizes the aggressiveness of the car that is stranger than the previous generation .But it has become the charm of this model to be perfect with projector headlights, smoked black that comes with The lamp is an LED Light Guiding, which is interesting in that it can provide more light. But it saves more power than the Multi Reflector type, enhancing its uniqueness with a flawless design. With a Y-like design And the Toyota logo stands out in the center. The overall design focuses on the design that is beneficial for driving the car to be able to move in the wind well. Enhance driving ability to help save fuel but got a car that runs fast and increased strength Moreover, Toyota vehicles are known for their efficient fuel consumption, ensuring you save money on running costs compared to other luxury brands like BMW that require specific oil for BMW models.

Internal View

Overhaul the whole engine and exterior design including the interior as well You will be able to notice through the black and red leather seats that in the Toyota Vios model that comes with a headrest  and seat belts that come with every seat Which sits in the front seat, hugging the body well Helps reduce fatigue from sitting for a long time

If you look at it with your eyes, you can feel it as a sports car even better in this model. There are also basic functions that will enhance comfort, whether 7 inch touch screen player Along with T-Link functions, dash cams and more, you’ll be impressed with the return of this car.

Unrivaled security system

One of the things that must not be missed when choosing a car is the security system That this model makes all users feel safe  and more worry-free driving Because the security system has international standards and covered in many parts

Anti-freewheel system (TRC)

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) that allows us to maintain stable control of the car in curves and slippery roads.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) prevents the wheels from locking during sudden braking.

Brake force distribution (EBD) helps distribute the braking force in each wheel to work in balance.

with 4-wheel disc brakes in the High and Mid models. Confident with dual front airbags and rear view cameras help to park more easily.With the above functions, your driving will be assured. and safe from driving well The details presented here are functions that have been added to the Toyota Vios, meaning that the basic system that was previously available in the original car is still available. And stand on the ground to stay safe throughout the ride that you can drive without worry. because there is an intelligent system to take care of you along the way

All of these are rough information of the Toyota Vios car review that has been brought back to dust again. In the form of a sports car that is featured in many things as described above. Hope this article will be helpful to people who are looking for new cars. or those who are interested in this model already You can follow good articles like this through the same channel so as not to miss the news in the automotive industry.

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