Five Reasons You Should Consider an Electric Car


In the past vehicles have relied on combustion engines and fossil fuels for power. The dependence on fuel will only create issues in the future, so alternatives are imperative. This is where electric vehicles come in, to meet our transportation needs in a greener energy-efficient way. In addition to lowering harmful emissions, electric cars have other features that benefit the driver.

Firstly, electric vehicles save the consumer money. It doesn’t matter where you plug in to charge, they are far cheaper to fuel than the petrol and gasoline counterparts. The price of filling up a car using the conventional means is only rising; you no longer have to worry about inflation. It is estimated that electric cars only cost two to three pence a mile to run which is one-tenth of the cost assumed by those with petrol vehicles.

The savings don’t stop there, they have a significantly cheaper road tax, and some are even exempt from paying. Servicing is also cheaper, the vehicles themselves are more reliable, they have fewer moving parts than combustion engines so there is less that can go wrong with them. The batteries in electric cars are thought to have a 300,00 lifespan at least.

Secondly, electric vehicles cut your emissions and your carbon footprint. Even using electricity from a coal-powered grid, they still produce less pollutants. The cars do not have to burn fuel for combustion, there is little residue and so there are no harmful gases released back into the environment. This will only improve as more progress is made on solar and wind-powered alternatives; these become more popular displacing the current methods of electricity production. When powered by renewable energy the cars are almost entirely emission-free.

Next, electric vehicles have a better overall driving experience. The engine offers instant torque, meaning the acceleration is faster as they lack a transmission. The drive is smooth and responsive, improved by the lower center of gravity which leads to better handling. The engine is nearly silent and effortless. They also utilize a regenerative braking meaning that when the accelerator is let off the car brakes and recaptures the energy into the battery, therefore unless braking sharply, you’ll hardly have to touch the brake pedal.

Also, electric vehicles reduce your dependence on oil; they are instrumental in the aim to cut this use in the future. Using oil produces problems, but transportation is still largely reliant on it. Electric vehicles sever ties with oil and offer a cleaner alternative.

Finally, they are simply more convenient. Instead of driving around on empty hoping to find a cheap petrol station, you can charge at home for less. Plugging in at home doesn’t take long and you will have a ‘full tank’ every morning. The maintenance requirements are simpler and therefore cheaper as mentioned above.

If you are considering an electric car very detailed electric car reviews are helpful as is additional research into your personal needs and wants in a car.

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