Giving Your Teen a Car for Christmas? 3 Reasons to Buy Used


It’s the kind of Christmas every teenager dreams of Mom and Dad guiding you out to the driveway and revealing a bow-wrapped car just for you. Of course, that’s not a very common occurrence, but if you’re considering making your teen driver’s dream come true this year, you should seriously consider putting that bow on a used car instead of a new one. Why? Keep reading to find out.

Teens Are More Likely to Crash

The more experience you have with something, the better you get at it. Simply put, your teen driver doesn’t have all that much experience behind the wheel. No matter how responsible they may be, they’re still statistically more likely to get in a car accident than you are. Would you rather they dent the bumper on a brand-new car or a used car that you got at a much more reasonable price?

While you don’t have to get them a junker—you do want their car to be reliable—you also shouldn’t be investing top dollar into a car that’s likely to experience some level of collision damage. A quality, used car is a good compromise that allows you to get them a nice, reliable car without paying the inflated prices from a new-car dealership.

It Adds Less to Your Insurance

Your insurance probably already took a big jump when you added a teen driver to your coverage. Of course, adding another car will also increase your premiums; but a used car that’s valued at less than a brand-new one will cost less to cover. This is simply because if your insurance carrier ends up having to pay out the total value of your car, that number will be much lower if the vehicle has already gone through that depreciation period that occurs in the first year of being off the lot.

Setting a Precedent

Finally, as a parent, you can’t ignore the importance of setting a proper precedent for your children. If you give your teenager a brand-new, fresh-from-the-manufacturer car for Christmas, you are sending a particular message to them and any younger children you might have. A car of any type is already a big gift—does your teen need one that’s brand new? A used car can provide them with the independence and responsibility they’ve been craving without spoiling them too much.

If you’re considering getting your teen a car for Christmas, stop by a few Houston used car dealerships. You’ll be surprised at the quality and variety of vehicles available to give your young driver the perfect Christmas present!

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