The Process Of Selling Your Car In El Paso


Sell your car in El Paso with us, an easy and stress-free process. Just enter your vehicle’s license plate or 17-digit VIN, and we will contact you to make an offer, and we will do our best to sell it quickly and easily. Unlike other car sales, we do not require you to talk about the sales process, and we will always make an offer within 24 hours.

How To Sell Your Car In El Paso

When you opt to Sell your car in El Paso, the process is simple. Please send us your vehicle details, and we will negotiate an offer. We work with local towing companies and have the means to pick it up.

The price that you will receive for your vehicle depends on its condition, and we will pay you a fair amount if it’s still in good working order. The entire process can be completed in two days, as we value cars so much that we immediately provide a bluebook value. It has been one of the main factors that have allowed us to become one of the leading used car-buying companies in El Paso.

We Provide You With An Irresistible Offer.

You can sell your car in El Paso and get a great deal from a used car buyer. Unlike other used car sales in the area, we offer a fast and straightforward process to sell your car. Our unique approach can offer you an offer on your vehicle in just a couple of days. Apart from providing a new and innovative way to sell your car, we also help you with the paperwork involved.

Having The Car Picked Up

We’ll gladly pick up your car in El Paso whenever you need us, regardless of your schedule. Unlike other used vehicle sellers, we do not charge you for the pick-up service, nor will we force you to deliver your car. It means that even if you live in the country, we can still provide you with the best possible experience when it comes to selling your vehicle. You can reach out to our team members by calling us at GivemetheVIN and asking for detailed instructions.

Closing The Deal

We’re always on top of our transactions regarding buying cars from individuals. After picking up the vehicle, our team member will thoroughly inspect it to ensure it’s in good working condition. It is why you must inform us as soon as possible about any issues with your vehicle.

Once everything is confirmed, we will immediately pay you. Unlike the other companies that provide this type of service, we only process live checks that are cashable at Bank of America. It is a massive difference from the time other used car buyers typically spend processing the bank draft.

You’re likely to get the best deal iwhen you opt to sell your car in El Paso with us, as we have over 28 years of combined experience in the industry. Our team members are experienced in the used car industry and can help you sell your vehicle quickly and easily. Over the years, we have acquired thousands of cars from individuals and businesses across the country. Our network allows us to process billions of transactions each year.

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