Important Things You Should Check While Buying A New Or Used Motorcycle


If you get fascinated with a thought of riding a motorcycle but haven’t bought yet one, you should buy one as Australia is a country which can be best enjoyed with a motorbike trip. Especially summer is the best time to buy a motorbike.

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You have two options to buy a motorcycle: buying it in Australia or import it. Hire Dazmac for importing motorcycles into Australia as the safest, most hassle-free and most affordable option.

But before you make your decision, here are things you should consider.

New Or Used

Given the fact that several new motorbike riders prefer riding to save on commuting costs, not everybody will be in a position to buy a new motorbike.

But if you are, you can certainly get some benefits of choosing a new model. Along with not having to worry about past service issues or damage, new bike owners can ride most recent models and are usually covered by some type of warranty.

Private Or Dealership

No matter whether you buy a new or a used motorbike, you get two more options: buying from a private seller or from a dealership. Both have their own benefits.

When you buy from a dealership, you get more peace of mind as well as in several cases, some kind of warranty.

A private seller, on the other hand, may offer a lower price, but you should examine the bike thoroughly before committing to purchase.


If you are a learner motorcyclist, you should only ride a motorbike that is on the LAMS (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme) list.

This list contains various scooters and motorbikes that are suitable to motorcyclists on their restricted novice license.

Included in the list are most bikes up to 260cc (with some exceptions) and there are options of 660cc bikes too in the list for bigger riders. Check the full list here.

Examining an Old Motorbike

If you are planning to buy a used motorbike, it’s essential to take the time to examine the bike properly to make sure it won’t become a lemon. Here are some points you should remember.

Bring a Friend and a Torch

It’s always better to bring one more person with you especially if you’ve never examined or bought a motorbike before. The friend should be more motorbike savvy than you.

Such a friend can help you check the bike and usually see things that you cannot see in your excitement.

Another good idea is bringing a torch with you to check various details on the bike, even if you inspect the bike during the day.

Make Sure the Seller Doesn’t Warm Up the Motorbike

If you live in an area with colder weather, without fail, request the buyer not to warm the bike up when it’s time for you to inspect it.

Several sellers do that to hide the problems in starting a bike on a cold morning. If you’ll be using the motorbike for transport, it makes no sense buying one that would take 30-45 minutes to warm before you can properly ride it.

The bike you are buying should start without any issue when using a little choke.

Don’t Agree for the First One You See

As with anything else, shopping around while buying a motorbike always helps. It offers you an opportunity to see what’s available in the price range.

It also allows you to look at various models and find the most suitable one for you. The more number of bikes you’ll see, the more experience you’ll get in making sure what is right and what isn’t.

So, these are the points to make sure you get your hands on the right model. For importing any other vehicle to Australia, get a wealth of information at

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