Benefits of Owning a Ford Car


Ford is a name in the world of automobile that has made headlines quite often for its innovative contributions in the industry. One such news was when they launched their technology center in Inkster, Mich to dedicate a team for finding out design solutions and repair procedures that can lower repair costs. As shared by the Natchez Ford dealer, the aim of Ford was always to develop innovatively designed vehicles that are affordable for the common man.  

Reduced Damage Repair Costs

Ford’s Paint and Body Technology Center is focused on replacing car parts and repair a damaged vehicle at a lower cost. The goal is to accurately identify the potential damages and find out refined ways to repair the vehicles and bring them back to the pre-accident condition affordably. What accompanied their endeavor is the guarantee of quality that was present in every design they crafted.

F-150’s Frame Fixes and Their Affordability

Engineers in Ford began collaborating in 2009 for their F-150 project. They prioritized repair and safety at the early developmental stages. The engineers formulated new materials like boron and ultra-high-strength steel that helped them make their latest vehicles tougher, stronger and safer.

Ford’s Focus on Affordability

Ford understands the benefits and necessity of making their products and services affordable. They included in it even the costs of insurance, which have always been yet another grave concern for the consumers. In 2008 Ford launched their flagship model Focus that could witness a 13 percent increase in the average insurance loss payments in comparison to their 2007 model. And all this was the outcome of the improvised design.

Ford has even helped in reducing the amount of insurance premiums for their Mustang owners with their latest improvements to the overall ability in repairing the damaged body parts of the vehicle. This initiative was primarily based on a consultation made with the insurance industry experts who specialize in automobile repairable options. While the cost of a 2008 Mustang insurance is roughly 25 percent lowered than that of the 2006 models, it became almost 50 percent lower than those of 2004 models, and all this information was publicly shared by a leading insurance company in the U.S.

Lowering the Prices of Ford Vehicle Parts

The mission of cost reduction of Ford continued further by not only by engineering more and more affordable repairs, but even by significantly reducing the prices of genuine Ford Parts in replacement of the damaged ones because of collisions and accidents. They supplied these parts to their dealers and repair shops in much lesser price to reach their customers in time of a heavy damage repair. Ford encouraged their customers to use genuine Ford parts that should have the same quality, fit, and structural integrity to avail the same parts in return after their functionality gets damaged in accidents or collisions.

The Ford dealer Natchez reflected that all this enterprising gestures from Ford has enabled more dealers to stock up their stores with genuine Ford parts, that could satisfy their customers better at the need of the hour.

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