How to Buy New Tyres


Buying a set of new tyres for your car is essential after every few years. After regular driving, the treads on the tyres tend to wear out. This will affect the performance of your vehicle on the road, and also impair the car’s grip. If the tyre treads wear out completely, it will become more difficult to brake or corner in the car. Ideally, it’s recommended that you change the tyres once they hit 30,000 miles, or if they are older than three to four years. However, it all depends on how the car has been driven. Some of the factors that may determine whether you need to change the tyres or not include:

  • The number of punctures
  • The surfaces on which the car has been driven
  • Condition of the tyre treads

If the tyres are worn out, it’s recommended that you look for a shop that sells local tyres in Tipton. It’s recommended that you call a local company in your area that offers high quality tyres from different brands before making your decision. Here are a few tips on how you buy new tyres for your car.


Tyres are available in many different sizes. It’s important that you compare the sizes first and check the owner’s manual to find out which size is suitable for your car.

Types of Tyres

Ideally, it’s recommended that you talk to a sales agent to find out about the different types of tyres. Some tyres are thinner, but are more fuel efficient, while others are thicker, but will turn your car into a gas guzzler.

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