Advantages of Buying a Used 2017 GMC Lacrosse


If you have already decided on going for a used car that will suit your purpose whether it is accommodating your family with enough space of cargo and that drives well with all the latest safety technologies installed within, then even a used 2017 GMC LaCrosse could bring a winning smile on your face.

Driven with front-engine, the 2017 GMC LaCrosse can be availed both as a front- or 4-wheel-drive, 4-door sedan that can accommodate up to 5-passengers with ease. But that is not all, why we picked up this model and recommend it eve as a used car for many car users. We first experienced the advantages of a used 2017 year model of GMC LaCrosse, when we dropped in a La Mesa GMC dealer, and tried a test drive that impressed us right away. And here is why we think it is worth buying.

Powerful Powertrain

The 2017 GMC LaCrosse is powered by a DOHC 24-valve V-6 engine that is protected with aluminum blocks and heads and has a direct injection to drink fuel. The engine is rightly clubbed with an 8-speed automatic with manual shifting mode of transmission. We call it rightly paired as the pair makes an excellent team to gush out a 310 of horsepower @ 6800 rpm which is class leading matched with the right amount of torque counting 282 lb-ft @ 5200 rpm that gives the engine a superb maneuverability and handling ease.

Performance Pride

When we invest in a used car, the first thing that sting our mind with poison is the doubt, if it can still provide the performance we need? But if you are opting for a used model of LaCrosse of 2017 year model, then we can assure you of a performance any owner will feel proud about. The 2017 GMC LaCrosse has got the ability to pick up a speed of Zero to 60 mph in merely 6.0 to 6.2 sec, and to reach 100 mph it will ask for only 15.5-15.7 secs. The standing of this crossover from GMC for one fourth a mile will take 14.8-15.0 sec, which is at the higher end of performance record in its class. With a 2017 GMC LaCrosse you can drive at the maximum speed of 145 mph.

Cargo Volume

If you are taking home a used 2017 GMC LaCrosse, you can be assured of one thing, that is an enormous spread of cargo space that allots 103 cu ft for the passengers, which never asks any of the five passengers to clutter, and next is the space for their belongings which counts 15 cu ft and can be stretched longer if you can fold the rear seats down.

Fuel Economy

When we go for a used car, it is an understandable truth that we are in a tight budget. If owning a used car costs as much as buying a new one, we won’t call it a wise purchase. Here once again buying a used 2017 GMC LaCrosse model will be beneficial as it counts 20-21/29-31 mpg in its EPA estimation for city/highway driving respectively.

However, as suggested by the experts of La Mesa GMC don’t forget to take a test drive and conduct a thorough inspection before you sign up for a used LaCrosse.

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