What Happens When Your Windscreen Is Being Repaired


Windscreen repair is something that most motorists are going to have to deal with at some point. Usually, these repairs are minor, but sometimes the whole windscreen will need to be taken off and replaced with a brand-new, undamaged one.

The whole process of local windscreens repair in Colchester is not going to take very long and you are not going to have to spend a large amount of money. When you are trying to find a reliable technician to perform the repairs, there are several things that you can do.

Firstly, you should ask your nearest relatives and friends about where they have had their car windshields repaired and replaced. A percentage of your friends and family will know a very good service that is going to help you with your problem. The next solution is to go on Facebook groups in your local area to ask about a reliable service. Failing this, you should sign up for specialist car forums on the internet. You can ask about a reliable repair service in your local area.

What happens when your windscreen is being repaired?

The Windscreen Is Subjected To A Thorough Inspection

Windscreen repair technicians are trained to carry out full inspections before they attempt to do any repairs. They will make sure that they take note of chips, cracks, scratches and holes. Then they will be able to formulate a plan about how they are going to fix the windscreen.

Rather than just getting on with the job, an experienced windscreen repair technician will give you a full overview of the process. This will give allow you to fully understand what is going to happen to your vehicle in the end.

The Damaged Areas Are Injected With Sealing Liquid

When your windscreen has been damaged, the repair company are not going to seal the damage with tape. Nor are they going to put in replacement glass. They will instead inject a sealant into the chip or the hole.

The sealant is going to expand so that it fills the entire chip or hole. Then the sealant will be left to set in place. You will be left with a smooth windshield that does not show a single sign of damage. This is a very effective way of repairing the damaged windscreen because the sealant is not going to wear away and it is resilient enough to not get the same kind of damage that the car had before.

The Screen Is Replaced

Sometimes the damage to the vehicle windscreen might be so extensive that a full replacement is in order. This is a straightforward procedure and the technician will make sure that the new windshield is securely in place before you get behind the wheel again.

Screen repair and replacement is essential for the upkeep of your car and you should keep the number of a technician on speed-dial.

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