PDR Gives You Far More “Bang” for Your Australian Dollar


Not all dents are created equal. That is why some Australian car owners opt for paintless dent removal, or PDR, to fix the dents and dings in their cars. In fact, PDR is increasing in popularity because of its affordability and effectiveness. This type of car repair was made popular in the early 1980s and continues to be chosen as an economical solution for dent repair.

Traditional Dent Repairs

In order to understand how PDR works, you have to know how traditional dent repairs are made. Traditional dent repairs are done to fill body dents on autos with a body filler or paint. Whilst this type of repair will cause a car to look new again, it still does not provide a long-term remedy. This form of dent repair can be costly and time-consuming and can also affect an auto’s resale value.

When you opt for PDR, however, no fillers or sanding is used such as in traditional dent repair. In fact, PDR is one restoration method that is also environmentally-friendly. Not only does this form of repair restore your car to tip-top condition, it does so in a small amount of time and at a consumer-friendly cost. PDR removes dents and dings on autos, including hail damage and body creases.

When paintless dent removal in Perth is used to repair a car, an auto is restored to its former factory-like condition without compromising the integrity of its original finish. In order to facilitate the process, a technician begins by assessing the damage to the vehicle. He or she makes an evaluation based on a dent’s location, its size, and how he or she can get to the demarcation in order to remove it. The technician will then prepare the site where the dent is located for repair.

Accessing the Back Side

In most instances, PDR necessitates that technicians access the dent’s back side. Therefore, body panels, back tail lights, and in some situations, interiors panels are removed. PDR cannot happen unless a technician has a path to the dent to remove it.

Once the technician has prepared the area, he or she uses specialty tools in order to remove the dent. These tools help the technician correct the dent so the exterior resumes it original appearance. This type of repair can be made in one day. Indeed, you will be well-pleased with the results, especially since this form of dental removal is speedy and non-invasive.

Types of PDR Customers

Most of the customers who seek PDR services are either car owners, or work for car dealerships, rental agencies, and automotive auctions. This type of repair service is often used for repairing hail damage too. So, if your car has been hit with hail stones, repairing the damage can be easier than you may think.

The top advantages associated with PDR include the retention in value for your vehicle and the quick turnaround time. So, do not delay in making this type of repair. If your car has sustained damage in an accident or from a hail storm, you need to get the dent fixed today.

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