The Ins and Outs Of Executive Car Hire


If you are looking to make a fantastic first impression on potential clients and investors, then you may want to consider looking into executive car hire. Many companies provide executive car hire in the form of either private hire or taxi services. In this article we will explain the ins and outs of executive car hire, along with the benefits to your business.

Using an executive car hire company can help create a good first impression on clients and stakeholders.

Private Hire

Some executive car hire companies allow businesses to lease their cars so they can be driven by members of their team. For example, a company may hire out company cars for their travelling sales agents to use. If you are considering this, you need to make sure that it is more cost effective to hire executive cars rather than buy them out right.

Taxi Service

Some executive car hire companies provide business taxi services. Along with hiring out executive cars to use, they are also allocated a personal driver or chauffeur. Executive car hire services can be used on a daily basis to pick up clients and investors from airports and train stations and take them to your head office. You can also use executive car hire for travelling to business meetings and corporate events, visit Camberley Taxis firm website as an example.

Benefits of Executive Car Hire

Using executive car hire services can help you create the right impression on potential clients and investors. Having them picked up in a luxury vehicle will show you take pride in your image and take care of your clients’ well-being.

Executive car hire is also cost-effective as many firms will give businesses a discount if they sign up for a corporate account. By using an executive car hire service, business owners can save on the cost of purchasing company vehicle and maintaining them.

Executive car hire services are also extremely convenient. Business owners do not have to worry about organising travel for their clients, investors or overseas employees. They simply need to call up the hire company and book them a car. Some firms even allow their clients to make car bookings online.

What to Look for in an Executive Car Hire Company

When choosing an executive car hire company it is important to make sure they offer a professional service. From the moment they pick up one of your clients or investors, they will be representing your business and therefore need to make a good impression. It is also important that they offer a reliable and punctual service. You need to know that no matter what time you call them up, you will be able to book a car.

Of course it is important that taxi drivers have excellent driving skills and good knowledge of the local area, but when it comes to corporate drivers and chauffeurs working for businesses, they need to also be discreet. Many business associates discuss confidential information when they are travelling in executive cars, therefore making it necessary that drivers and chauffeurs keep anything they overhear to themselves.

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