What does Autoportal have to say about new Hero bikes?


Hero MotoCorp is the largest bike manufacturer worldwide. It has its headquarters in New Delhi and holds about 40% share of the total in the Indian bike market. In India, it is a well sought of company, producing 7.6 million bikes annually to keep up with the demand. Currently, Hero has a wide range of motorcycles and scooters from the Splendor till Karizmas. In between, scooters such as Pleasure, the Maestro Edge and the Duet are found. Consumers are also attracted to the fact that they are green technology enthusiasts which resulted in the production of Leap scooter, Duet E and the ioN. Keep reading below to find out about the best latest Hero motorbikes available to you. Explore New hero motorbikes on Autoportal.

Hero Duet design and features

The Hero Duet is incontestably an attractive scooter. It has a wavy metallic form which is firm to the touch. Its back is specially fashioned to guard the user in case of unpleasant incidents. It has an uncomplicated, unfussy design to which the user can add to according to his liking. Its handlebar and headlights have been styled in an equally simple manner. The V shaped cladding in a chromatic theme gives it spirit along with the semi digital-analogue meter console. It is very simple to us and comes with a speed meter, gauge, indicator and a trip meter. Hero duet mileage per liter is 45kmpl. It is available in colors such as red, grey, white, silver, green, and black. It is currently selling for 49,565 Indian rupees.

Hero Pleasure design and features

Hero pleasure scooty new model came in the market just a few years back. The Hero Pleasure is a trendy one in the whole range. It is smooth and comfortable, perhaps owing to the fact that it is for women as well. It is like an upgraded version of the Hero Duet so you can only expect a much better quality.

To conclude, both of these motorcycles, the Hero Pleasure and the Hero Duet are designed to act as daily commuter motorcycles. They have simple, minimalistic features with design that catches the attention. Hero Pleasure may seem to cost more, but of obvious reasons such as added features but Hero Duet is no less with its uni-sex rider capability and sleek design. Both are quite lavish looking at an affordable price which is why they have grown to be the most wanted ones in the Indian market. To learn more about either of these, you can visit Autoportal.

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