How to choose the most fuel-efficient car?


Choosing a fuel-efficient car means making a decision that involves not only your personal preferences but also the most important decisions for the environment. If these decisions are made more consciously, there will be no need to make boxed up cars because the environment will be much cleaner to breathe in. To elaborate on this, we have compiled some benefits of choosing a fuel efficient car below;

  • A healthier environment is an immediate result of running a fuel-efficient car as it does not require a lot of gas to run nor does it emit so much smoke. Therefore there is minimal damage to the environment. Other gases are also very harmful to the atmosphere which has the potential of bringing about hazardous consequences such as global warming. If everyone uses fuel-efficient cars, it can aid in cutting down air pollution by half the percentage.
  • Reduced dependency on fossil fuels will also be a result which means we are saving more for the children of the future. There will be less exploitation of minerals, oil and fuel, like propane and biodiesel in automobiles, is used.
  • The lesser burden on the wallet is the factor which is true and the one you should pay the closest attention to. If you notice, you spend a large sum on transport every day and lesser fuel means lesser expenditure which can save you thousands annually. So save up that money and spend it on more worthy items to enhance your lifestyle!

Some of the top fuel-efficient cars are compiled by Autoportal below to help you narrow down your choices to only the top-notch ones;

  • Hyundai i20 Elite comes with a smart key entry and a touchscreen AVN system which allows you to have control over important features easily. It also has amazing projector lamps which look so aesthetically appealing that they are sure to steal the show!
  • Maruti Suzuki Swift & Dzire are the most popular choices these days because of perhaps the 1.3l DDiS diesel engine that comes with a lightweight body. It is a car for the youth of India and starts from Rs 5.99 lakh.
  • Maruti Ciaz is another competitor which is stealing the show these days. It has the similar smart hybrid vehicle features which are common in Suzuki. Its price range starts from Rs 9.50 lakh.

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