How to book rental car for someone else


Rental cars come in handy during travels and you might therefore need to book one for someone else. It is always good you complete the booking process online instead of visiting an office because you will be able to save time.

Actually, you can book a rental car for someone else, but you should be aware of the circumstances that surround the process before you do that.  First, the person who books a car is the one who picks it up. That is important for security reasons. Even more, the rental company will require the documents you use to pick up the vehicle to match those you used when booking. In other words, you should be present to verify the payment and reservation.

When picking up the rental car, the credentials that you present to the company should match the card you used to complete the online payment. For that reason, prepaying for a car rental for another person and planning that they will pick it up is not a feasible decision. Car rental companies do not allow that for security purposes. After prepaying a car rental online, you will not have a chance to change the primary name to that of someone else.

The circumstances may seem inconvenient at times. That is particularly for the busy people and those desperately trying to help their business partner or customer. If you are planning to book rental car for a person whose car has broken down and who needs the money fronted for the payment, the liability will be on your side

You must accept the rental terms and conditions and if the person you booked for is unable to present the needed credentials, you will have to present yourself to pick up the vehicle and sign the paperwork. The rental company will also hold you liable. Therefore, another person might not pick up the car in your absentia. Reservation cancellations are possible but mostly the rental company will charge you an amount as the cancellation fee.

Before booking a rental car for someone else, you have to think whether you will manage to help him/her pick it up. If you are going to provide your name, credit card and other personal information to the rental company, you should be ready to pick up the car.

The rental company will hold you responsible for the reservation. However, they might arrange to help you accompany the person you are booking for when picking up the car. You can sign all the paperwork, do the payment, and agree to the terms that the rental company has set. You will also need to identify yourself for security reasons if fraud protection is important.

Car booking websites do not ask for information about any additional drivers at the booking stage. However, you will be able to add an additional driver when completing the paperwork. In other words, the rental company will offer you a chance to inform them whether another person will drive the car. Some companies add additional driver fee to the original expense. After booking a vehicle online, you will not be able to change the name you use with that of another person.

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