How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Windshield


The windshield of our car has very important role. It protects driver and passenger from the wind and rain to keep them comfortable while driving. It is also a crucial safety protection in case of accident as it prevents driver or passenger thrown away outside the vehicle. However, the windshield glass is also vulnerable to flying rocks or debris hitting the glass or impact during accident causing the glass to gets chip or crack or even worse, totally damaged.

Small chip or minor crack on the windshield glass is fortunately repairable. Windshield Repair of chip and crack only requires epoxy injection and it takes less than an hour to complete. But in more serious case, the crack is too big or the damaged to severe than it can be fixed properly. That’s the time when auto glass replacement no longer a choice and the last reasonable option would be removing the damaged one to replace it with new one.

It is understandable that the big issue bothering many people would be the cost of  windshield replacement. The average cost for new windshield glass replacement is about $200 to $1000 range. There are several factors determining the cost of new windshield and its installation process. The most dominant factor is the type of vehicle. Some vehicle types, usually from luxurious brands, have specific design and material for the windshield and you can expect premium price for it. Year and model of the vehicle also have important role. Newer models’ windshield come with advanced features make it much complicated to install and that means higher cost. One more factor to consider is whether you want to replace the windshield with OEM or aftermarket product. OEM windshield is ideal option as it would be identical with the auto manufacturer’s standard and fully certified by DoT. However, aftermarket product can save you significant amount of money. It depends of your own preference, and also budget, to determine which option to choose for auto glass repair .

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