Three Car Problems That Can Strand You at Work or Home


When you’re ready to leave for work, a flat tyre or a car that won’t start is the last thing that you want to experience. Unfortunately, these emergencies can easily happen and leave you stranded at home. However, some shops offer a mobile service that can repair your car where it is broken down. For all the health and safety look here.

Services from Mobile Mechanics

A mobile mechanic in Gloucester can go out to your home or office to assess the problem with your car. Then, if it is a minor repair, they can usually get it done on the spot. However, they may need to take your car to their shop to get a complete diagnosis if they cannot locate the issue.

Some of the services that they may offer include:

  • Changing fan belts
  • Charging a battery
  • Jump-starting a vehicle
  • Changing tyres
  • Picking up vehicles for repairs
  • Diagnosing vehicles

Many mechanic shops will also provide loaner cars so if they need to order a part, and you will still have a way to get to and from work and run errands for your family.

Problems That Can Strand You

There are many car issues that can leave you stranded at work, at home, or even on the side of the road. One of the most common is a low or flat battery. Also if you have a newer battery, it can quickly go flat during icy weather.

Battery problems can also be the result of loose connections. When your car is serviced, it’s essential to have the mechanic check the connections and replace worn cables. You should also occasionally check the connections and battery posts to make sure that they are not corroding because this can keep the car from starting.

Faulty Alternator

If your alternator goes out, then you won’t be able to start your car. However, there are usually obvious warning signs of a bad alternator. These include dim headlights when your car is idling and frequent battery problems, such as a low charge. If you notice these signs, take your car in for servicing as soon as you can.

Broken Belt

Most newer vehicles have a serpentine belt that helps keep everything running smoothly, but it will eventually wear out, and it can break. A warning light will usually light up on your dashboard, and the engine temperature will rise quickly if the belt breaks. It is a severe problem so if you’re driving when it happens, pull over and call a mechanic to help you or pick up your car.

Ignition Failure

The ignition on an older vehicle can fail, leaving you stranded at any time and place. Sometimes there is some warning, which may include needing to turn the key over more than once before it catches and starts. Also, the instrument panel may not light up when the ignition is switched to the “on” position if there is a problem.

Pay attention to the warnings that you may get when your car is having problems, and you can prevent most breakdowns that can leave you stranded.

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