How To Stay Safe on Melbourne Roads When Driving A Motorcycle


Staying safe while driving your motorcycle on the Melbourne roads is vital. Cars Wanted Melbourne offers a few tips that help to enhance safe driving.


Is there a better time to be riding than in the warm weather and hot sun? While the temptation to put on the shorts and a t-shirt or tank top, feeling the air on your skin will be great but don’t give in. Imagine one mishap and your body being torn up by the roads. Shorts and t-shirts are not the protection motorcycle riders require. Proper riding attire is essential for safety. Biking gear should be clothing with reinforced fabric, thick, durable jeans or leather, and the helmet always on. Arms should be covered, preferably with a riding jacket.

Defensive Driving

Motorcycles can be vulnerable to careless drivers, which could end in fatality. Keep your eyes on drivers around you at all times while riding on the road. Remember that large trucks can have a hard time spotting you from the front or behind, and it takes the big vehicles much longer to brake. Allow yourself plenty of distance from trucks. As a motorcycle rider, you will benefit by taking a defensive driving course.


Driving a car in wet or poor weather conditions is tough enough; little alone riding a motorcycle in unfavourable road conditions. Don’t get on the bike unless the weather is good. Driving in the rain is hazardous, and add the potential danger with busy traffic and the situation could be deadly.


You shouldn’t be on your bike unless you can handle the bike, so not only don’t buy bigger than you can handle, practise driving it before you take it for a long trip. You will thank yourself later. Also, it is recommended for even the most seasoned motorcycle riders to refresh their skills now and then with a course.

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