Everything You Need to Know Before Choosing an Auto Repair Shop for Fender Damages


A fender is a crucial component in your car’s body. It protects the frames and the wheels from damage and keeps mud from splashing them. Fenders are located just above the wheels, and a car has four of them.

When your car collides on something sideways, the fender bears the brunt. In that case, you need to take your car to an auto body shop to repair the fender.

There are hundreds of garages that can fix fender damage but might not be best for your car. Hence, you need to be careful when choosing an auto repair shop for fender damages.

Here are some things you need to know before choosing abody repair shop for fender damages.

Services They Provide

If your car has met an accident, the damage might not be limited to fenders alone. There is a probability the car has suffered dents and paint damage to other body sections as well.

Before you select any auto body shop, check the services they offer. Some of the services that you might need after a collision are:

  • Collision repair
  • Fender repair
  • Paint Repair
  • Windshield repair
  • Dent repair
  • Bumper repair

If the auto body repair shop offers comprehensive services, you can get all repairs done at one location, and it will be easy to get estimated costs. If the body repair shop offers fender damage repair but does not offer paint repair, you need to take the car to a different service provider after getting the fender repaired. All this can lead to a loss of time, and it might take a month or more to get your car back on the road.

Is the Auto Body Repair Shop Independently Operated?

Third-party service providers run many big garages. In simple words, the company allows the service provider to use its logo and name, and the company does not own the repair shop.

Such business models can be tricky for consumers as there is no guarantee that the repair shop you choose will offer the same high-quality service as the company known for exceptional service.

You need to look for a body repair shop independently owned and run locally by the company staff you know. It assures the repair shop will follow all standard procedures and techniques while carrying out repairs.


Collision repairs can be expensive, and you would want to ensure the repairs are done in the right way. In many cases, car owners face various problems because the garage did not do the repair job well.

Reputable body repair shops provide a warranty on the repairs they perform. They provide a limited lifetime warranty on the repair work they do. The warranty ensures the vehicle is free of workmanship defects, and the company stands by its warranty.

Does It Work With the Insurance Company?

When your car meets an accident or suffers damage in the collision, you would be raising a claim to get the repair costs back. The collision repairs can be in the range of hundreds to a few thousand dollars depending on the severity of the damage.

If the body repair shops work with the insurance company, they will guide you through the process to get the maximum claim amount to cover for damages.

Also, therepair shop will know what is covered and what is not by the standard insurance policies. The information provided by the repair shop can help you take the proper steps while filing an accident claim with your car insurance company.

Quality Assurance

After a collision, your car suffers from external and internal damages. The well-being of your family and friends depends on the safe and proper repairs after a collision.

If the repairs are not done well, the probability of accident or breakdown is high. Hence, you need to consider quality assurance as an important factor while choosing a body repair shop.

Certified Technicians

Repair work is not limited to the quality of replacement parts. It also depends on the workmanship. You need to look for a repair shop that has well-trained technicians.

For example, leading body repair shops have Gold Class I-Car certified technicians. An I-CAR certification means the technician has achieved and maintained a high level of training and excellence in collision repair. ICAR offers specialized certifications for specific fields like dent repairing, painting, and other repair services.

To sum up, car accidents are unpredictable, and you might encounter one when you least expect it. Collision repairs are crucial to bringing your car to pre-collision or optimal condition in safety, performance, and looks.

Hence, you need to follow the guidelines provided to select the best body repair shop to get your car repaired after a collision.

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