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What you see and desire today ran through a series of contemplation in its history and maybe this is why the brand made it so far and is standing as a competition with other fine cars. Yes, we are talking about the brand Mercedes. The S-Class is formerly known as SonderKlasse (Special Class). The product line of the S-Class consists of full-size luxury sedans, limousines, and armored sedans. You get a wide range of options such as rear-wheel and all-wheel drive with 449hp 4.7-liter twin-turbo V8 engine and 523hp 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 for both. It offers diesel and 3 petrol engines with plug-in Hybrid. The mileage varies based on the model and fuel type, also you get an automatic transmission.

The body of the S-class looks stylish and big for a comfortable room inside. If you are a fan of crossovers, ML-Class is the crossover SUVs, M-Class shares the platform with GLK-Class and GL-Class, you get rear-wheel and all-wheel drive engine layouts, with a 3.5 liter and V6 engine. Mercedes-Benz gives the customers a lot of options, in ML-Class you get 2 diesel and 2 petrol engines. Where the diesel engine is of 2987cc and 2143cc and petrol engines is of 5461cc and 3498cc respectively. The 5 seater SUV with automatic transmission is a beast on the street and the body design is attractive.

The interior form and function are ergonomically very accomplished and customer friendly in addition to it being high on cutting edge tenets, forward-thinking, and alterations from time to time. Strong and Sturdy because of its German origins, Mercedes vehicles promise to deliver the best and secure that degree of faith due to the unflagging safety guardians on board which do exceedingly well to pre-empt danger signals. Carrying forward the eminent and august practices of its predecessors, the SLR Mclaren, and the 300SL, the SLS AMG with its industrious 6.2L V8 happily cobbles up another inspiring timeline featuring in Merc’s illustrious history books.

At times, you will feel that you will have to swallow a brave pill before committing money to us, for a preloved or rather an old car, a word that will run across your mind first. It really has to do with the fear of ending up with a lemon. So, we step in the frame to ease up the process for you. Along with the economical price, the fact that there’s no middleman involved to make a quick buck out of your transaction also gives you more leeway to fix a good price with us and get more assurance when you buy a Used Mercedes Car that is up for sale with us. No sudden rebuttals to that though when you have the standout and trustworthy in-house operations of Big Boy Toyz Gurgaon, New Delhi, and Mumbai to get you a shiny three-pointed star all the way to the grand cities.. And that’s when a typical luxurious feeling having shades of BBT’s generous attention to detail strikes a perfect chord with you for the extended ownership culmination in totality.

Make your dream come true at Big Boy Toyz

It is undoubtedly because BIG BOY TOYZ is India’s No 1 Used Car Dealer and that we are offering the world more than just pre-owned or second-hand cars that might disappoint your heart. We are more than that. Buying a Used can be a bit tricky as you are buying a singular piece of used machinery rather than a brand-new car. And while the outer façade may look clean and fetching, what’s underneath is what needs a thorough look. We understand it so we maintain them well, check the functionality and bring in those cars with the least distance traveled with the least rate of depreciation. This helps you in choosing a luxury car easily and efficiently. Mercedes is in competition with itself; always upgrading itself for what matters the most, customer comfort and satisfaction. Owning this car does give a satisfactory achievement and glory for making it big in life. Big Boy Toyz in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Mumbai as always is known to bridge the gap between dreams and reality. It offers various quality pre-owned Mercedes models at competitive prices that are verified and certified by trained authorities in-house.

Along with our prices, we offer financial stability by offering EMIs and Loans that grow the market domination and demand of purchasing Used Cars. Your Used Mercedes car is authorized under certified dealers and is verified for maximum safety measures that it can offer you. It is not tricky anymore if you follow these norms and test-drive your favorite car. So, is it worth it to own a preloved car? It is for Mercedes.

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