How Can I Make Some Extra Cash from Selling Scrap Metal


If you’re interested in the selling of scrap metal, you’ll be happy to hear that it not only generates some additional income, but you’re also helping out with the environment, via the returning of waste goods for recycling.

  • The amount of cash, which can be gained from a lorry load of scrap metal can be substantially improved by the simple following of a few basic tips.

It is not all about the sort of metal which will determine how much it is worth, but also the grade of the metal itself and what condition it is in. Plus, as you maybe already aware, the prices for scrap metal can often fluctuate, and often even change by the day.

  • To get the best deal on scrap metal, you should separate and sort it out, and then go about selling it when the market is paying top dollar.

Gathering the Data

The simplest method of finding out what any scrapyard is willing to pay for a certain metal is by simply giving them a call.

By making a habit of consulting with them on a frequent basis, you will (if you do the homework) discover that there are often particular patterns which emerge indicating the way that the metal market is trending.

Before selling scrap metal, you may want to check out a couple of different scrapyards in your area. You may just find different variations with regards to prices paid for scrap metal. (Even when they are located near each other)

Certain Metal Conditions

One of the major ways that a metal is graded, is by its condition. You might take in a pile of aluminium and get a respectable price, but if that same pile has things like screws in it or it’s painted, you will get much less. Therefore, it definitely pays for you to properly to sort out the metal prior to taking it in, as the scrapyard will only pay the going amount for the least-quality metal in the load.

  • And along those same kind of lines, if you take a load which contains a mixture of various metals, like galvanised and stainless steel, the whole load will be regarded as galvanised, so think ahead.

Certain Types of Metal

A number of scrapyards will only take specific metal types, while some others will take nearly anything. The best method of selling scrap metal is to check out beforehand exactly which scrapyards will take which sorts of metal and which takes mixed loads.

  • You should also find out if they have a minimum weight load that they will accept or whether they are willing to take any small quantities.

Naturally, it will take time removing screws, paint, and stripping the coating from copper wire, but it will inevitably be well worth it!

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