Consider Buying a Used Car as the First Vehicle for Your Child


You can still remember the time when your parents gave you a car on your 18th birthday. It was such a special moment especially since you were off to college at that time. After working hard to learn how to drive and finally get your license, you got the chance to drive your own car.

As such, you want to replicate that special moment for your child. The problem is that the economy has changed. Back then, even middle-class families could afford to pay for a new car. These days, even families that are earning slightly higher than the national average will still find it difficult to spend on a new car.

If you still want to surprise your child with a car, you can consider a used car. It’s a practical choice that won’t force you to spend way more than what you can afford. Besides, for a first car, it’s not a bad deal. Some teens would even feel satisfied with an old car that their parents used for years.

There are lots of great choices

Instead of handing over your old car that you know is in terrible shape, you might rather invest in a used car. Before the dealer sells it, the car already underwent changes. It means that some parts got fixed and the exterior looks good again. You could be lucky if there are previous owners willing to sell their cars even only after a year or two of use. Since cars depreciate quickly, even a short period of use could quickly reduce the price.

You have to carefully check the options

Since you’re buying a used car, you need to check if the vehicle is still in good shape. You can ask a mechanic to help you inspect the car and see if it’s worth buying. You can also take it out on a test drive yourself. You will then know if your child will enjoy it. If you think that the car will face lots of repair issues, you can always decline and look for other models.

Negotiate the price

Another good thing about used cars is that it’s easy to negotiate the price. You can always ask for a lower price since there’s no suggested price for used cars. The value depends on how old the vehicle is and its current condition. If you’re good at bargaining, you might get the vehicle at a fairly reasonable price.

You can still surprise your child

Yes, you’re in difficult financial shape right now. You also don’t have job security yet. It doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the opportunity to surprise your child during this special moment. Your parents worked hard for you to have it. You can also do the same. Start now by looking at car dealerships in Layton Utah. With the wonderful options available, it’s only a matter of time before you can finally make up your mind.

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