Will the Tesla Roadster Break the 1000 km Mark With a Single Charging Session


As a pragmatic, analyzing the spec sheet during the revelation of the Roadster by Elon musk on the stage created jaw-dropping impressions around the world. The performance of the new roadster has solidified its position in the market as a supercar that creates hype and reputation for the rest of its Tesla community. The recent unveiling of the Tesla Roadster came out with outstanding numbers that previously have been considered to be near impossible or futuristic. A 1000 km range for a

Tesla in Australia would mean Sydney to Melbourne on the one charge. Tesla owners could simply use their Tesla charging station to fill up before the drive. This also has major implications for DC charging networks as it continues to shift recharging from industrial-scale superchargers and into homes and workplaces.

Tesla’s famous lead continues to electrify the industry, constantly pushing the boundaries and creating out of the world numbers. The upstream of battery technology in the cell manufacturing process has tremendously improved. Hence allowing Tesla to achieve the mind-boggling numbers.

0-96km/h in 1.9 seconds puts in the contender of the only production car in the world to break the 2-second barrier. The Tesla Roadster is supported by an all-wheel-drive setup with three motors delivering an outstanding torque of 1000Nm. A single session on a Tesla charger can get you up to 1000km, once again breaking the record for the only production EV to break the 1000 km-range barrier. Tesla forecast to utilize its 200 kWh battery, almost double the current capacity of the Model S P100D.

The magical barrier and insane acceleration “give a hard smackdown to gasoline cars, driving a gasoline sports car are going to feel like a steam engine with a side of quiche,” Musk boasted. The uproar of the car has sparked other car manufacturers to invest highly in battery technology.

Recently the Rivian claimed R1T and R1S pickups and UV’s are capable of traveling 600kms in single charge using its 180kWh battery and a high powered EV charging station. On the frontier of battery technology, Tesla stands strong and will continue to dominate the market with a prominent brand reputation coupled with the latest efficiency improvements and monster battery. A tesla charger would only be used less than once a fortnight based on the Australian Bureau of statics.

To further the vision of Tesla, Musk mentioned that the company is developing batteries that can last up to a million miles. This has been due to recent research on transitioning from lithium-ion to lithium iron. This might be a fundamental part of chemical engineering creating a drastic real-life change. The future of Electric vehicles is currently bridging the gap that customer desperately desires which are long-range and more durable battery cells. Reducing cost and making achieving mass adoption of EV remains to be a key aspect of Tesla’s vision despite the ground-breaking numbers.

The long-range and durable battery is the key vision that each car manufacturer is moving towards. Tesla’s high fashion has definitely signaled that “beyond any doubt, the battery technology is here and it is here to stay for while”. However, like any other technology, I don’t want to over-promise or disappoint your desires with future optimistic plans that promise a better tomorrow. The current predicament of Tesla is to deliver Roadster by 2023.

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