Difference between Motorcycle Oils & which one is the best


Engine oil is the lifeblood of a motorcycle. It is really important for a motorcycle and has a lot of functions. It acts as a lubricant and also helps dissipate heat from various parts of the engine. It also works as a housekeeper of the engine, collecting dirt and debris from various engine parts. It also offers protection from oxidation and helps neutralize acids and moisture caused by combustion. Hence, you must choose the best engine oil for bike for the smooth and proper functioning of your ride.

Here are the 3 variants of oil which are usually used for Motorcycle:

1. Mineral Oils:

These are considered to be the most basic type of motor oil and are made up of products/by-products of petroleum processing. These are ideal for engines with smaller capacity (below 150cc) and are often recommended for new bike owners as it provides good engine protection for the initial km. These are very affordable but they don’t last very long, and you have to change it very frequently.

2.Semi-Synthetic Oils:

They are a blend of mineral and synthetic oils. This type of motor oil is recommended for an engine with a capacity between 150-250cc. Semi-synthetic oil is well suited for normal usage where the engine produces enough horsepower and is not put under extreme stress. It is also resistant to oxidation and is less affordable as compared to mineral oil.

3.Synthetic Oils:

Synthetic Oils or Fully Synthetic Oils are considered to be the best among all the motorcycle oils. These are made up of pure polymers constructed from factory-made oils and can be considered as artificial, as no natural product is used in their making.  These are best suited for motorcycles that require high performance and are continuously used under extreme conditions. There are many benefits of Synthetic oils.  They have a very long life cycle; they don’t break down as fast as other motor oils and provide the best lubricating performance.    

Oil Grading:

After learning about the basic types of motor oils, it is crucial that you know about the grading of motorcycle oils and what do these grades signify. You must have seen certain numbers and alphabets mentioned on the motor oil like 5W40, 10W40, 15W50, and so on. These are called grades. The W in these grades stand for Winter. The numbers before and after W are called multigrade and play an important role while selecting engine oil.

Let’s take 20W40 engine oil. The number before W i.e. 20 represents the viscosity of the oil at low temperature (0 Fahrenheit).  Similarly, the number after W i.e. 40 represents the viscosity of motorcycle oils at high temperature. So, keep all these things in mind in ordered to choose the best engine oil for bike based on your engine’s capacity and the environmental conditions.

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