Why Tyres That Are Worn Can Be a Good Value to You


Some tyres may be worn, but they still have a good deal of distance left in their treads. That is why you may want to consider these types of tyres for your own vehicle. If you buy the tyres from a vehicle recycler, you can realise a great deal in the way of savings.

Tyres Are Inspected and Tested First

When you buy these tyres from a vehicle recycler, they are inspected and tested before they are sold. You can also have the tyres fitted and also purchase alloys from the same place. Vehicle recyclers acquire tyres and alloys for a variety of makes and models of automobiles. You can even have part worn tyres in Birmingham fitted to your vehicle by a mobile tyre fitting service.

Buy Top Quality Brand Tyres for a Fraction of the Cost

Tyres are available for all kinds of vehicles, including autos, lorries, and machines. Indeed, used tyres can save you several hundred pounds, particularly when you compare them in cost to a set of brand new tyres. By opting for part-worn tyre products, you can also obtain top-brand tyres. Brands, such as Goodyear, Dunlop, or Pirelli, can be purchased for a fraction of the cost.

A Reduction in Environmental Waste

When you buy tyres that are used, you also reduce environmental waste. Also, when fewer tyres are produced, less fossil fuel is used. By choosing to buy your tyres from a vehicle recycler, you can avoid driving on tyres that are dangerously worn down. Driving on tyres that are no longer safe can invalidate the insurance coverage on your car. It can also lead to fines as high as £10,000.

When you buy used tyres, you have to take the same stance as you would if you were buying a previously owned car. You must make sure that the seller of tyres has a good reputation in the business and fully inspects the tyres that are sold.

Do the Tyres Meet the Legal Tread Depth?

Under UK law, all tyres, regardless of their age, must feature a minimum tread depth of 2 millimetres. Also, any cuts on a tyre’s exterior should not surpass 25 millimetres in length. No visible tears should be seen on the tyres as well. Never buy tyres that display bulges in the rubber either.

Naturally, the reason most drivers opt to buy part-worn tyres is because they can experience a good amount of savings. However, the short-term savings may lead to a replacement sooner than you may expect. That is why you should buy part-worn tyres from a vehicle recycler that makes sure the tyres it sells are in excellent driving condition. You can get a good deal by purchasing these tyres, as long as you go to the right supplier.

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