Camping Tips: Harmful Effects Of Staying Under The Sun For Too Long


Everyone wants to come back from a summer camping trip sporting a nice tan. It is evidence of having fun in the great outdoors after all, right? Tanning might be okay once in a while to get your daily dose of vitamin D, but staying under the sun for too long is very dangerous. People who don’t protect their skin well enough from the harmful UV rays of the sun often find themselves struggling with skin problems in the future.

Don’t ruin your camping experience by ignoring basic skin care tips. Here’s what happens when the human skin is exposed to the sun for far too long:

1. Heat Stroke

Opting to spend more time outside of the portable gazebo shade and under the sun can lead to a heat stroke. This happens because the skin has stopped producing sweat because it has become too dry and feels too hot. When the body can no longer regulate its own temperature, the trapped heat can cause damage to the brain and other organs. The moment you feel light headed while standing under the sun, it’s time to cool off under the shade with a nice glass cold beverage.

2. Wrinkle Formation

That tan might look nice now, but constant sun exposure will eventually result in wrinkle formation. UV rays from the sun causes the fibres and collagen to break down faster which makes the skin look wrinkled and worse for wear. Limiting your time under the sun and applying sunscreen regularly, especially on the face can significantly help reduce wrinkle formation. Start protecting your skin now before the lines start to form.

3. Feeling Faint, Drained, And Dizzy

Spending too much time beyond the shade of the portable gazebo can make anyone feel a little sick. The moment you feel dizzy and drained, you are probably already suffering from heat exhaustion and aren’t far from a heat stroke. Don’t push yourself too hard. The crystal blue waters of the beaches will still be there after you rest for an hour or two. Stay hydrated why you’re outdoors and under the sun to avoid feeling sick while on vacation.

4. Painful or Itchy Bumps and Blisters

When you notice that patches that are painful or itchy start to form on the areas that were most exposed to direct sunlight, you need to go visit a physician right away. The bumps and blisters are usually caused by “sun poisoning”, a more severe form of the common sunburn. Other symptoms can lead to chills, fever, and sometimes also nausea. Do not wait for the symptoms to worsen before seeking medical treatment.

Too much direct exposure to sunlight is not healthy. Avoid staying under the sun for hours on end, especially when the sun is at its highest position. Start using sunscreen on a daily basis to give your skin a layer of protection against UV rays. It might not block all the harmful rays from hitting your skin, but it will help in some way.

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