Why Choose Resin Bound Driveway?


Are you looking for a new driveway for your car? The permeable resin-bound paving market has expanded in recent years, owing to an increase in flooding and people’s increased awareness of flood prevention.

However, as the demand for resin-bound paving has increased, so have the number of businesses offering low-quality installations. This gives a premium paving product that is correctly completed a bad reputation and will endure more than 25 years in use.

Resin-bound paving is a popular alternative to traditional paving thanks to the many benefits over traditional gravel or paving stones. Impress Paving is made up using naturally sourced aggregates which enhances and maintains the natural appearance of the aggregates. This makes it an attractive alternative that can be designed specifically to meet your needs.

At Impress Paving they can offer different colour options for resin-bound paving, which truly lets you choose the ideal colour and texture for your project.

Why is it unique?

There are several reasons why people choose resin-bound paving over other paving techniques. Here are a few examples:

  • The fabric is permeable, making it ideal for rainy days and never puddling.
  • It looks excellent: Resin-bound paving can be made to look good with your home, business, or driveway.
  • It’s durable, useful, and versatile: Resin-bound paving is appropriate for a range of surfaces and applications.
  • It can endure a wide range of weather conditions. It won’t turn to ice in the winter and won’t fade in the summer heat, for example.
  • It can survive for more than 25 years, which means it’s inexpensive and long-lasting.
  • It requires very little upkeep or attention.
  • There are no loose stones on the ground; it’s a flat surface with no pebbles, making it ideal for wheelchairs and strollers.

Impress Paving Resin Bound Paving is a fantastic product that has many benefits. As you can see, there are several reasons to adore Impress Paving Resin Bound Paving! It can make your life easier and improve the appearance of your home, so it’s a win-win situation!

How is resin bound paving made?

It’s a lengthy procedure that Impress Paving has perfected. We utilize a one-of-a-kind chilly mixed approach that ensures that every stone particle is completely covered in resin, resulting in a structurally solid three-dimensional matrix. This combination of stones is made up of natural aggregate, marble, or recycled materials.

The tension with which the stones are packed is one of the most important aspects in ensuring that resin-bound paving has long-lasting strength and endurance – while also ensuring that the surface has small holes (which are crucial to making the surface permeable).

During the mixing procedure, the natural aggregate, marble, or recycled materials are thoroughly combined. We coat each one of these tiny stones in the resin during this stage (every single one). Once this is finished, the particles are placed on the foundation immediately and smooth.

Depending on the size and kind of stone utilized and the surface’s purpose, the finished depth may differ from 12mm to 24mm after completion. For example, driveways and public areas (such as playgrounds) will require a slightly deeper depth.

Questions to know if resin paving is for you?

If you’re thinking about putting down resin pavers and want to learn more about whether they’re the best option for your situation, this article should help you ask the right questions. Asking the appropriate inquiries is important in receiving all the information you need, and it’s a simple method to see if resin paving is appropriate for your project.

Let’s begin by noting that resin paving is a fantastic option for a variety of surfaces. It has a long lifespan, looks great, and is available in several styles.

Question 1: What is your budget?

When it comes to surfaces, one of the first things that most individuals consider when planning a project like resurfacing a driveway or common area is cost. Although resin paving isn’t the cheapest material when it comes to pavements, it is for good reason. Resin paving is a long-lasting, attractive, and customisable option with several advantages over other paving types.

The easiest approach to see if resin paving is within your budget is to obtain a quotation! We provide free estimates, and there’s no obligation on your part.

Question 2: Are you having problems with planning permission?

If you’re having difficulties obtaining planning permissions for different kinds of paving, resin paving won’t help. In reality, since the new government legislation came into effect in 2008, planning permission isn’t necessary for areas less than 5m² or if the new surface is permeable. Because resin pavement is permeable, there is no need for planning approval for resin pavement – which is good because you’ve had problems in the past.

Question 3: Have you been having problems with flooding?

In the UK, where the weather is frequently wet throughout the year, we hear about many houses and driveways that suffer from flooding and water damage. Resin paving is permeable, which helps to prevent flooding and water accumulation on surfaces. During installation, minute gaps are formed that enable water to flow through.

Question 4: Do you want to make a long-term investment?

Resin paving is a good option if you’re planning to invest in the long term on your home or driveway. Resin paving has a lifespan of more than 25 years, making it extremely durable and inexpensive.

Question 5: Do you have time for maintenance?

If you’re in a hurry and need something that requires little upkeep, resin paving is the way to go. Many individuals prefer options with less maintenance that don’t require constant attention. If this sounds like you, resin paving is an excellent option. The guarantee covers breakage, cracking, oil damage, softening, colour change, and frost damage.

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