How Can I Move A Licence Plate From One Car To Another?


To maintain ownership of your personalized number plate, you can transfer a registration from one vehicle to another.

If you want to keep the current number plate on your automobile when you sell it, you must transfer the registration from the car BEFORE you put it up for sale.

You can transfer the registration to another vehicle or a certificate, and then assign it to another car after that. The most significant thing is to accomplish this ahead of time, so you aren’t caught off guard if you have to sell the car. If you sell the vehicle with your license plate still displayed on the V5C logbook, the new owner will also be the legal owner of your plate!

To transfer your registration mark to a different vehicle, you must submit a V317 form and the applicable V5C (logbooks) for both vehicles to the DVLA. If you just bought the car and don’t yet have the complete V5C (logbooks), include a completed V5C/2 New Keeper’s Supplement, as well as a completed V62 form.

The current registration mark transfer fee is £80, so include a cheque for that amount made out to “DVLA.”

To ensure a successful vehicle to vehicle transfer, several criteria must be satisfied. The following are some of them:

  • If you’re selling a car and the registration is being transferred, it must be taxed and have its MOT renewed for at least six months.
  • Vehicles must pass an MOT test at least once during their life.
  • You can’t, for example, convert a 68 series registration to a 51-registration vehicle. You may utilize an earlier registration.
  • You can’t combine a number plate from a Q-registered car with one from another vehicle.

If you’re buying a brand-new automobile, it’s very feasible to transfer your current number plate to it. For you, the automobile dealership should be able to assist.

When you withdraw a vehicle’s registration, the old age-related registration mark is removed and replaced with a new one (in most cases, it will be the same as before). You’ll get V5C certificates for both vehicles showing their new registrations. At this point, you may inform your insurance companies of the transfer and proudly display the plates on the cars.

How do I transfer a number plate from a vehicle to a certificate?

The process of transferring registration from a car to a certificate is referred to as ‘retention.’ If you want to keep the number plate on your automobile after selling it, you’ll need to transfer the registration.

You may transfer the registration to a certificate or another car. The most important thing is to complete this before selling the vehicle. If you sell the automobile with the registration still visible on the V5C logbook, the new owner will also become your plate’s owner! Fill out a V317 form and send it to the DVLA along with your V5C Registration Certificate and a check for £80 made payable to ‘DVLA.’

You will receive back a V778 Certificate of Retention, and a new V5C showing a new registration for the vehicle (typically this will revert to the registration that was on the car before the private plate). You can then inform your insurer of the change and attach new plates to the vehicle that match the registration now showing on the V5C.

The V778 is good for 10 years, but it can be renewed indefinitely.

To keep a registration from a vehicle, certain conditions must be satisfied:

  • The car must be taxed but not yet MOT tested or hold both the current MOT and tax; it must be taxed but not yet MOT tested and have an expired MOT, or it must be tax-expired and lacking a valid MOT.
  • Your car must have passed an MOT at some point in its life.
  • If “NON-TRANSFERABLE” is printed in Section 3 (special notes) of the V5C, you will lose your registration mark.

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