When Was the Last Time You Had Your Car Serviced


Given just how much we rely on our cars most of the time, it’s essential that they are running well. We use our vehicles for commuting to and from work, driving the kids to school and back, and for those special times on the weekend where we enjoy going out and relaxing. The truth is that a car is not just a one-time investment. It is an asset that requires servicing and replacement parts from time to time.

Sourcing the Best Spares

When we buy a car, we often fool ourselves into thinking that the initial amount of money we spend on the car is all there is to it. We may think this up until the point at which we need to buy an expensive replacement part! This naivety is even more costly for exotic and foreign made cars where local replacement parts may be harder to find.

The good news for all car owners is that many local companies provide car parts in Suffolk for all vehicle makes and models, including auto-electrical components, as well as engine parts. Why waste time searching online for a part or struggling to source your ignition unit you need when you can just go to a local supplier?

When Your Car Needs to See the Mechanic

Even though most of us are not car experts, many things might help us diagnose a problem, or at least understand when to book it in with the mechanic, including:

  • An engine that seems to struggle or lose power
  • An ignition that takes longer than usual to starts the car
  • Shuddering or vibrating when driving at high speeds

Any of these issues could indicate a problem, so it’s a good idea to book an appointment with a mechanic as soon as possible and source affordable spares if necessary.


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