Perth Asks an Important Question: How Many Tons Does a Car Weigh


If your car or truck is in scrap, damaged, old, or wrecked condition then a good question to ask is how many tons does a car weigh? Speed Car Removal offers the following information to help you calculate how much your car weighs. 

For Perth: Types of Car Weight

A car’s weight is measured in various ways. Following are the different car weight types:

  • Gross vehicle weight – The gross vehicle weight is the weight of the car with all cargo and passengers inside.
  • Curb weight – The curb weight of a car is its weight without the driver, passengers, or cargo.
  • Payload – The payload is the weight of the car, equipment, passengers, and anything else that may be towed.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating – The gross vehicle weight rating is the total weight of the car can handle with drivers, cargo, and passengers.
  • Gross combined weight – The gross combined weight is the combination of the weight if you are pulling a trailer and your car’s weight.
  • Maximum load trailer weight – The maximum load trailer weight is the trailer’s weight when fully loaded.
  • Gross axle weight – The gross axle weight is the most weight that each axle can support.

With an idea of the terms and definitions of different types of car weights, here is a look at the curb weight of car class or category.

  • Compact Car – On average, a compact car weighs 2.9 tons.
  • Midsized Car – On average, a mid-sized car weighs 3.4 tons.
  • Large Car – On average, a large car weighs 4.3 tons.
  • Compact Truck or SUV – On average, truck or SUV weighs 3.4 tons.
  • Midsized Truck or SUV – On average, a mid-sized truck or SUV weighs 4.2 tons.
  • Large Truck or SUV – On average, a large truck or SUV weights 5.4 tons.

Determining How Much Your Car Weighs

There are different ways you may be able to determine the weight of your car. Your car may have a sticker on the inside of the driver’s side door with its weight listed. The car manual may provide the specifications on your car’s weight. If you are unable to find its weight, then you might try contacting the manufacturer with the make, model, and year of your car or locate a nearby vehicle scale.

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