What you need to now about the all new up-coming Mercedes-Maybach GLS


The Mercedes parent company Maybach is coming out with new model to their luxury car fleet. It’s going to be based on the current GL model but completely restyled and changed inside out. Starting from the front, it will have a 4.0l V8 biturbo engine with 550HP and 538lb of torque, which is commonly found with the current AMG models. This being Maybach, comfort is of most importance. It will have what their calling E-Active body control, which is ‘’Intelligent’’ suspension unit, we will have to see how that performs once it’s available and the press will be allowed to have a go.

With Maybach, it’s all about the luxury, the back seat, the price isn’t available yet, but we can be certain that people who can afford this time of class, will certainly be chauffeured around to enjoy the exquisite comfort in the back that it will have for sure. It’s the place to be in this car. It is sad to say that it doesn’t have natural wood steering wheel, but If you’re in the market of customizing your steering wheel, woodensteeringwheels.com will gladly sort you out. It will feature new Mercedes user experience with voice control commonly found in this class of vehicle. Ambient lighting of 64 colors to choose from. You will be able to find Tv’s tables, touchpads, reclining heated and cooled seats and a fridge. As many people who drive these kinds of vehicles around, they know that the accessory list on this car is immense. This list will go for days from the available extras on this car which can quickly double the cost of the base car. This car takes cartridges that are filled with perfumes and all different kind of scents for you to enjoy, white Osmanthus blossom with spicy tea, we can only guess how that will smell, but am sure it won’t disappoint.

Full reviews will come out later in 2020 when the car will be finished, and car journalists will be invited to participate in the launch of this luxury behemoth of a car

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