How to Decide if Buying a New or Used Car Will Be More Beneficial


This is one of the most crucial questions that will cross to the mass car buyers when they are ready to purchase one. Leaving the Richie-rich segment of car users for whom, budget isn’t an issue, for most of the people buying a car is a lifetime investment that needs a careful decision.  

Though in the recent years, the entire scenario of the automotive industry has witnessed a sea change in every section, especially the market, it is still a big thing to decide for them, if investing in a new car will be more beneficial than buying a used car of better quality. To deal with this dilemma we asked for an opinion on this from an experienced seller of the Brazil Hyundai dealer showroom, and here’s what we learned from him. 

Why the Dilemma 

It is not difficult for anybody to understand how enticing is it to buy a new car, but at the same time, we do admit that financially it might not be the best choice every time for everybody. Sometimes it is not only the budget that comes in between, but it is also about driving the car that determines if investing in a brand new car will be a wise decision if you are a novice driver. The repair cost for new cars will be much more than used cars. So, one has to be extra careful while driving a new car. 

Hence there will be several points to consider when you go for purchasing a car. The best way to fight the dilemma and coming to the right decision is measuring the advantages and disadvantages of buying a used car, in comparison to a new one.

Advantages of Buying a Used Car

It will always be pocket-friendly.

So you can get a car of a higher segment at a lower price.

The depreciation value of used cars will always be considerably less in comparison to buying a brand new model which will automatically translate into higher resale value when one decides to sell out the car.

Used cars will ask for lower insurance premiums than that of new cars.

Disadvantages of Buying a Used Car

On the contrary, buying a used car will not provide you with the latest equipment in comparison to the models that are newly released as they will have all the updated technologies.  Hence the level of creature comforts as well as safety features can be lesser than the newer versions, but not necessarily, as you can always buy a recent edition that has been used only for a couple of years.

But the major drawback of buying a used car is tracing back the history which can lead to serious maintenance and repair work if the history is not fetched from an authentic source.

The Bottom Line

The expert of the Brazil Nissan dealer summed up the discussion with a useful suggestion that if a used car is tested by a reliable mechanic and its history of maintenance and repair is clean, it could be a wiser and more beneficial decision than going for a new car, if you want to save some amount of your hard-earned money. 

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