What Speakers Fit My Car


Finding high-quality car speakers and installing them in the car is a confusing and challenging task. Fixing the audio system in the vehicle makes you free from any hassle and saves a lot of money.

But in all this fuss, it depends on the need for music and songs that you want to listen to with these car speakers. As you wish varied types of music playing in your car, different methods and requirements are needed to install the desired sound system in your vehicle.

Many people have the misconception of buying high price speakers to get high-quality music. But it always depends on the company and your taste in music. Selecting the right speakers is not an easy task for everyone, but it takes a lot of time and experience. Pre-fixed speakers may not fulfill the requirements of your taste; therefore, they need to change.

Before getting the speaker, make sure that you will have to replace the factory speakers with new ones.

In this article, I will give you some tips and factors to decide the better quality car speakers to avoid any discomfort for a few years.

Choice of Speakers:

It’s the first and the most relevant factor that must be ensured while going to buy speakers for installation in the car.

Price: Keep in mind the bearable price of the speakers before buying any speaker system.

Types of Speakers: The company’s name and variety of speakers suit your budget for the car speakers.

Configuration: Your speaker system must match the audio operations of the car. For this, check the following requirements in the automobile system.

  • Size of the Speakers to be installed in the car
  • Sensitivity of the system
  • Power supply control management of the audio system

Cover all these requirements to determine the size of the speakers. But sounding nice is not good therefore you need to take a crucial decision. You can ask for friends or experts for this, but you can decide for yourself.

Car Speakers Size:

Many companies and models of speakers are available in the market, but you need to determine the best one with all the qualities.

These are:

  • 5-Inch speakers
  • Woofers or Subwoofers
  • Six by 9-inch speakers
  • Five by 7-inch speakers

Car’s stereo system suits the pre-installed audio system type in the vehicle. Different types of speakers have to vary the concentration of sounds and music.

5- Inch Speakers:

Most people install these types of speakers in their vehicles for good and balanced sound configuration. These 5-inch speakers fit in any kind or model of the cars with a versatile variety of songs and music. Speakers can work with low and high frequency with equal quality without losing original experience.

1 By 2 Inch:

Also called tweeters enhance the quality and sound experience of the existing sound system of the vehicles. These speakers are the best for the excellent and good stereo systems in the vars.

DIameters of The Speakers:

The main difference between circular and noncircular frames is to know the diameters of the speakers. If you have the mood to change the mounting of the speakers to be considered in the audio system installation, diameters are the priority that needs to be kept in mind.

But in the case of the same size of speakers, all the things will remain the same. But the difficulty that you might face at the time of new speakers is the flexibility in the size of ports associated with the speakers. For this, you will have to create tiny holes to adjust such minor large ports.


Most of the speakers’ tweeters project out from the front side. Determining the height of the speakers helps you to omit to hit the grille.

Mounting Drop:

The mounting plane and back of the speakers are known as the mounting depth or mounting drop. This situation will be in front of you if you want to improve the quality of existing speakers. It’s is a common practice to install the speakers next to the doors. But the difficulty comes when the new speakers don’t fit the doors and need some more space.

To keep away front this laborious task, correctly measure the door clearance or clear all the distance needs for speakers’ space.

Ways To Determine The Speakers’ Size

You have various options and tools to determine the exact size of the speakers. But it depends on your choice and needs for the sound experience.

Driving the car with excellent music and the quality of the piece is a great pleasure to feel. So, most of the drivers take special care about the vehicle to speaker ratio.


The Internet has many websites and tools that help you to decide the size of the speakers. Just put your vehicle model and find all relevant speakers sizes, space required to install the speakers with all comfort.

These tools analyze the car models and their features to match the speaker’s needs for a better experience of the real-time sound. You may search for various tools on any browser.

Trial Techniques:

Try to check the random speakers in your car, but it might be a problematic and frustrating experience for your vehicle.

Inspections before Buying Car Speakers:

Power Control:

Power control is the power holding capacity of the speakers. RMS considers this framework for the best favor of the vehicle. Suppose you have an alow power control system, you would install high power speakers in the car. You must consider output and input by the RMS rating.RMS rating and production of the speakers must match the power holding capacity of the audio system for maximum results.

Sensitivity of the Speakers:

The power input determines the speaker’s sensitivity with which they emit the sound with the maintenance of the quality. Regularly, a pre-installed audio stereo system with a 15W RMS rating is ideal for speakers of 90 dB sensitivity that is usually very high. High sensitivity is suitable for maximum spears output.

Quality of the Woofers:

The excellent quality of the woofers is the crucial point for successful speaker usage. High-quality bosses require light and rigid materials added in the woofers.

Wrap Up

I hope whenever you have ned to find what speakers fit my car, this piece of information would help you out. Somewhat all this information may flexible according to the models of the vehicle and their structures.

But we are sure these all considerations will stand out fabulous and aid in you deciding the sound system for your car.


Can You suggest to me some Good quality speakers?

Yes, If you need regular and up-gradation in your sound system, go for the tweeters type of speakers. For ideal and high-quality speakers, you must go with five by 7-inch. Use Amazon to check the desired quality accordion to the car model.

Does size and Installation space matter for the car speakers?

Yes, both factors matter in this whole practice. The reason is that each car model has different diameters, spaces for speakers, and all soundtracking systems.

How much cost for up-gradation of the speakers?

It depends on the car model, type of installation, and up-gradation process. Some experts charge $40-$100. But up-gradation of some speakers demand more than $300.

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