7 Surprising Facts About Mercedes Benz


The first gasoline-powered automobile arrived on the world scene in 1886. The inventor was Karl Friedrich Benz — the same name connected to the beloved Mercedes Benz today.

When you think of Mercedes Benz cars, you likely picture the ultimate in luxury and performance. But what else should you know about Mercedes Benz, beyond its obvious popularity?

Keep reading for some fascinating Mercedes Benz facts.

  1. The Mercedes Benz Motto & Logo

The brand’s motto is “Das Beste oder Nichts.” In English, we’d say “the best or nothing.” It’s a fitting motto since most people consider it to be one of the best automobile brands in the world.

Meanwhile, the famous three-starred logo represents land, air, and water.

  1. There’s a Gold-Covered Mercedes Benz

Did you hear about the billionaire from Abu Dhabi who custom-ordered a gold-plated Benz? The company used $2.5 million worth of white gold to produce the car’s shiny exterior.

You may not be able to buy a golden car, but you can turn head with custom Ferrada wheels. You can follow this blog article to learn more.

  1. The Pope Drives a Mercedes Benz

More accurately, he gets driven around in what’s affectionately termed “The Popemobile.” Other A-listers that owned this iconic car include Elvis Presley, Coco Chanel, Elizabeth Taylor, and John Lennon.

  1. The “Mercedes” Addition

It’s clear where Benz came from, but how did Mercedes get added to the brand name?

The name was added in 1901 in honor of Emil Jellinek’s daughter, Mercedes. Jellinek was an entrepreneur who worked for the company at the turn of the century.

  1. The Car’s Iconic Silver Color

Did you ever wonder why most Mercedes Benz racecars sport that unmistakable silver color? The reason dates back to 1934 and a last-minute improvisation before a big race.

At Nurburgring, the Mercedes Benz’s white, aluminum-bodied race car came in at 1kg (2.2 pounds) over the weight limit for the race. The team ground off the paint (and the extra weight) all the way down to the aluminum body and raced their way to victory.

  1. Mercedes Benz Invented Anti-Lock Brakes

It’s hard to imagine driving a vehicle without anti-lock brakes, but they didn’t appear until the 1970s. Mercedes Benz partnered with Bosch to develop the technology and added it to their S-Class vehicles in 1978.

  1. Unprecedented Global Reach

The ubiquitous brand is manufactured in 30 different countries, allowing it to reach every corner of the globe. It’s even received the honor of being the very first car in some lands, such as Nepal. The king was gifted a Mercedes Benz in 1940.

Impress Your Friends With These Mercedes Benz Facts

So, what did you learn about Mercedes Benz cars? Far from being just another luxury name, there’s a lot more to this brand than first meets the eye.

Bookmark this list of fun facts about Mercedes Benz so you have some great talking points when the conversation turns to cars.

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