What Is Included in a Comprehensive Fiat Service


Fiat Automobiles is an Italian car manufacturer that happens to be one of the leading brands and a renowned name in the automobile manufacturing industry. Fiat Automobiles is a subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). Fiat is one of the oldest brands in the automobile manufacturing industry whose history dates back to 1899.

Fiat Automobiles has maintained its reputation for more than a century now. It’s considered the largest automobile manufacturing company in Europe and is considered to be third in position in the entire world after General Motors and Ford. Ford Automobiles has secured that position for the last 20 years.

If you own a Fiat in Australia, you would know that like any other quality automobile, Fiat also demands care and service after a regular interval in order to run smoothly and efficiently. Fiat’s timely repair and maintenance is the reason why it’s known as the vehicle that releases the lowest carbon dioxide emissions.

In case you own a Fiat and don’t know what its comprehensive maintenance must include, this article can be of use to you. Here we will discuss what a typical Fiat service should include in order to keep the vehicle in a top-notch condition.

1- Easy Care Service
Easy Care is the three-year service plan for Fiat. The question you must have on your mind right now is, “when does Easy Care service get due?” Well, it depends on whether your vehicle is petrol or diesel powered. Easy Care is a very comprehensive service that involves checking every area of the vehicle, including tyres, brakes, suspension, coolant, brake fluids, and the air conditioning system. On top of all that, this service plan also includes updating the software after cleaning the vehicle thoroughly.
There are a number of benefits associated with Easy Care service. For instance, only genuine Fiat parts are used in the Easy Care. The service price is fixed for three years, and the service will be performed by a Fiat trained technician.
2- Oil Care
If you want to keep your Fiat in a flawless working condition, then oil care is a must. Oil care includes regular check-ups of your car components and the replacement of oil filters. Oil care is what keeps your Fiat running on the highways and covering miles after miles without giving you any troubles on the road.
3- Brake Inspection

Brakes tend to wear out after a couple of years. Although the longevity of brakes depends on certain factors, like driving conditions, it’s highly recommended that you get the brakes inspected and serviced regularly. This is perhaps the most important element of a Fiat’s preventative maintenance.

If you’re looking for a service that can repair and maintain your Fiat reliably, then get in touch with Automoda Fiat Servicing for a comprehensive service that your vehicle deserves.

Fiat is a global brand that enjoys an unparalleled reputation worldwide. However, the excessive use of a Fiat automobile warrants a periodic repair and maintenance. Remember, by keeping your Fiat maintained, you can add a couple of years to its useful life.

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