According to the study, there are three significant trends that will affect the automotive industry in the nearest future: the growing popularity of car sharing, electric cars and the production of driverless cars.
After last year, the American engineering company Ford and Chinese techno-giant Baidu signed a contract for $150 million to install sensors that are used in self-driving cars. So, the best Ford Mustang cars are already equipped with these sensors.

Car sharing

Car sharing has greatly influenced the way people are commuting today. In simple terms, car sharing is a car rental service for a short period of time with per-minute payment. In other words, the service works as follows – if you need a car, you can choose, for example, the best Ford Mustang at the nearest rental point, use it for your own purposes and return it at any other rental point. This is similar to the bike rental system when a bicycle can be left on any bike parking. So, you have a choice whether to buy Hyundai Santa Fe or rent it.
In the future, when car rental for a short period of time becomes one of the means of transportation, such companies as Zipcar, Uber, and Google will be able to achieve success in the automotive industry, becoming the main services providers.
However, car sharing can be a good solution for those people living in the city. If you live in a suburban area, it is cheaper and more convenient to buy Hyundai Santa Fe or the best Ford Mustang. If you live in an area with high population density, public transport, walking or cycling are more affordable options.

Electric cars

Internal combustion engines are certainly an engineering breakthrough in the automotive industry. However, nowadays the companies that produce cars equipped with batteries and electric motors will gradually take the top positions. It can be explained by the fact that such cars do not pose a big threat to the environment and are a way more economical to drive. According to sales data, 11 million new cars were sold in Canada in 2015, and only 115 thousand of them, which is less than 1% – were electric cars. A lot of people still opted for the best Ford Mustang or latest BMW.
Elon Musk and his Tesla car showed an example of an electric car created from scratch, which is already changing the car market and forcing it to switch from gasoline to electricity.
However, the main problem is that the electric car is not yet very affordable to the average consumer. It is quite a profitable investment, but it will pay off in a few years. With electric cars, it is possible to economize on fuel, but the car itself is much more expensive than the cars running on gasoline. Charging for a long period of time and a limited number of “charging stations” still prevent these cars from taking the lead.

Driverless cars

Google is investing heavily in the creation of autonomous vehicles, hoping that innovations in software development will allow the company to occupy a top place in the automotive industry in the 21st century.
Many car companies, including Tesla and several traditional auto dealers, began offering cars with “extended cruise control” or “autopilot” options. Some manufacturers have acquired the technology of Israeli startup Mobileye, which allows the car to stay on its lane and avoid colliding with other cars. So, it is possible to buy Hyundai Santa Fe and the best Ford Mustang with the features which can help you relax while driving a car.

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