The Wonders of Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)


The most expensive part of repairing a small dent in your car is the respraying, which makes the repair blend in and become unnoticeable. Fortunately, there is a new and innovative method of repairing scratches and small dents, which is called paintless dent removal, or PDR for short.

Professional Body Repairs

While there are many garages that profess to offer bodywork repairs, some are ill equipped to carry out professional body repairs, as they are primarily a general garage that handles performance issues rather than bodywork fixes. Fortunately, the best car scratch repair in Glasgow is but a Google search away, and with their expertise, your car will quickly be restored to its former glory.

Other Services

Aside from PDR, the state-of-the-art body repair shop will offer the following services:

  • Range of Body Kits– Stylish add-ons like bumpers and spoilers to give your car a facelift.
  • Alloy Wheel Care– It is easy to scuff the wheels when parking, and this treatment will make your alloys look like new.
  • Protective Body Wrap – Protect your car with the latest form of protective film wrap.

If the bodywork damage is not immediately addressed, this can quickly lead to rust issues, so if your vehicle has a car park ding or a small dent due to careless parking, don’t delay in having it repaired.

Take the best care of your car and it will provide you with many years of trouble-free motoring.

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