How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Scrapyard


If the time has finally come to scrap your vehicle, there are some things you must remember before doing so. It’s not just a case of dropping it off and collecting your money, you shouldn’t forget these important points.

Remove All Personal Possessions

We tend to live out of our cars, just like our homes. You’ll find all sorts of personal belongings in your vehicle from trainers to makeup bags. Our cars are often used as storage units, so it is important to check every compartment before your vehicle is hauled away to the scrapyard.

Once your car is gone, it is gone, so don’t forget to look for items in out of the way places such as:

  • Glove Compartments
  • Under Seats
  • Above Visors
  • In the Trunk

Thoroughly check your car and remove all items prior to dropping it off at the scrapyard or having it collected at home.

Remove Valuable Components

If you’ve found a company who provide the best vehicle scrapping services in Rainham, they may offer you its scrap value and allow you to remove some of the most valuable parts. If you’ve only recently added a new component, you can take it away and make some additional cash on its sale.

Empty the Tank

If your vehicle is still running and you’ve agreed a deal with a local scrapyard, don’t forget to use all your gasoline or siphon it from the tank.

The points mentioned above should be done before you junk your vehicle for cash.

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