Signs That You’re Close to Convincing the Car Dealer to Give You What You Want


Asking for a lower price for a used car could be tricky. You need to convince the dealer that you’re a serious buyer. You also have to stick within the range offered.

The good thing about used cars is that the prices are way more flexible than for new vehicles. Therefore, you can keep asking for a discount until you get the desired amount. These are the signs that show you’re close to convincing the dealer.

There’s no immediate response

Usually, when the dealer thinks that your offer is ridiculous, the answer will be a quick no. If you offer an amount that makes the dealer pause and think, it’s a good sign. It means that there’s a chance that you will get that deal.

There are counteroffers

You might not get your desired price, but you can get something else. For instance, the dealer will tell you to pay the original price but promise to upgrade essential parts of the car. If not, the dealer will extend the warranty of the vehicle. You may not get the exact price you desire, but you can still get something to help you financially.

The dealer still doesn’t walk away from the negotiating table

Some dealers are confident that if they can find new buyers, they will walk away. They will stop negotiating with you since there’s someone else waiting for their turn. If the dealer doesn’t say no to you or tell you to stop the negotiation, it’s a good thing. It means that you’re on the verge of getting what you want.

You don’t see any other potential buyer

When you visit the showroom for the first time, you might not make up your mind. If you go back the next time and the vehicle is still there, it means that there’s no other buyer yet. If it happens in after a few trips, it shows that you’re the only interested buyer. You can keep negotiating, and the dealer will still entertain you. It’s not easy to let go of you if there’s no other potential buyer on the horizon.

Be patient and respectful

You need to be patient in waiting for the dealer to accept your offer. You also have to stay respectful even if you’re not getting the deal you want. You might not close the deal now, but you could have other transactions in the future. Besides, you don’t want to destroy your relationship with other people just for a car. These dealers also have connections in your community, and your attitude could hurt your reputation.

Hopefully, your charm is good enough to convince the dealer to accept your offer. You want to reduce the price if possible since you don’t have enough money. However, you can’t settle for a cheap option because of the cost when the features are terrible. You can check out a Dodge Dealer Wyoming offers now if you want the best used cars.

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