Electric Scooters For Kids


All parents love any reason to get their children outside and in the fresh air. However, in a world built on technology, television, games consoles and social media, it can be hard to find the right incentive to get your child to head outdoors.

But for all its distractions, technology may also provide the answer. A scooter has been a childhood favourite since the nineties and with the invention of the electric scooter it’s hard to see the trend dissipating.

Affordable, fun and easy to use, an electric scooter is a great way for a child to experience the thrill of operating their own moving vehicle, yet restricted enough not to leave panicky parents in the dust. With max speeds under 10 miles per hour and a run time of around four hours, a child-friendly scooter is a great way of encouraging kids to come out of family walks whilst avoiding the sulking caused by a child actually having to walk.

And parents need never fear the scooter running out of power and post-playtime tears, as the e-scooter can still be used in the traditional way with push power even once the battery has run down.

Whilst an electric scooter a great way for some family fun time it can also be a practical tool for busy mums trying to get their children to school on time. Given that it is a quick, convenient way to travel and easy to use on pavements and pedestrian walkways, the electric scooter can be a blessing whilst going to and from school. Not only will it give your child a reason to get out of the door on time, but it can also come in handy when used four carrying book bags and lunch boxes on the handles.

Another perk of this type of scooter is that it is lightweight and easy to carry, so much so that your child can help put it away after playtime. The fact that it is lightweight also contributes to your child always being in control whilst operating and you never having to worry about the burden of carrying it home.

Of course in certain parts of the world, electric scooters are road legal, however, for places such a the UK, scooters are only allowed to be ridden on private land. Whilst it is always advisable to ensure an adult is present when a child takes their scooter out, it is also imperative that you are aware of the legal requirements in your locality. However, that being said in the UK do not need to worry about being taxed or having to ensure an electric scooter as although they are classed as Personal Light Electric Vehicles And have no place on UK roads they are exempt from the same costs as something like a moped given that they are intended for under-age users.

Kid-friendly electric scooters make for a great gift for any child, but why let them have all the fun? They come in adult sizes too!

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