Should You Replace The Windscreen Or Get It Fixed.


When you get your first chip or crack in your windscreen, there is no need to panic, but you do need to look into the options that you have available to you. Most people think about replacing the whole windscreen, but you need to take into consideration that your windscreen might be able to be repaired. There is also the waiting for the job to be completed. Will the glass company do the job quickly or will you be without your car for a day. Maybe they don’t have that particular windscreen in stock.

Find The Professionals.

If the windscreen is broken, then clearly you need a replacement. Finding the right place to get it done is the next thing to do, and if you are not sure if this particular company can replace or mend your windscreen, just ask them. If they respond with the words, we replace any car glass, then you have found the place you were looking for.  If it’s a little crack, then look into getting the windscreen repaired instead of replaced.

Save Money.

Getting your windscreen repaired is a lot cheaper and a lot quicker to do. There is generally no waiting and they can fix the windscreen in an hour or less. Many people don’t have full windscreen replacement insurance and so the cost of the repair lies with them. Getting it repaired means less cost to you, you are not without your car for a day and you are back on the road in no time. If you don’t have the cash on hand, don’t worry, these companies can accept all major credit cards.

It Will Get Bigger.

Many people think it’s only a crack and it will be fine, but your windscreen is more than just the thing you look out of when you drive. The windscreen acts as a support and if it’s integrity is affected, then it won’t protect you as it should, in an accident. A crack is merely the beginning, and it will result in much bigger problems later. Also, certain sizes of cracks are illegal in the UK and if yours goes beyond the allowable size permitted, then you are going to get a ticket, which will probably cost you more than just fixing it.

Additional Damage.

A small crack in the windscreen may allow water inside the interior of your car and it is also there to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. If there is a crack it doesn’t allow your window defroster to do what it’s supposed to do, and you will probably end up breaking this as well. We all love to wash and clean our cars and a crack in the windscreen will definitely affect the appearance of your car. People can notice it from quite a distance away.

Getting your windscreen replaced or repaired is not the massive job it used to be. Trained technicians can remove the old one and replace it quite quickly, sometimes with an hour. The same applies to repairing your windscreen, this can be done in even less time. If you have a cracked windscreen, have a technician look at it today.

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