MyLink Features in Chevrolet Cars


Today automakers across the globe have understood and realized the necessity of remaining connected while driving across distances on wheels. Chevrolet is one such brand that has always stayed ahead of time when it came to technological advancements in automobile engineering. The new Chevrolet MyLink is one of its live example wherein the classic brand has incorporated the best connectivity options in their latest models of vehicles to ensure easy navigation, safety and ease of driving.

The new Chevrolet MyLink has organized and integrated the latest connectivity technology to the Chevrolet cars in order to make every ride an enjoyable experience. As speaking on the cell phone is dangerous and is an offensive crime, the MyLink system brought safety and connectivity together maintaining traffic rules on a strict line. Now with the help of MyLink, it is a breeze to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages and enjoy every other smartphone without holding it on the hand or engaging the ears with a headphone or Bluetooth speaker.

Here is a glimpse of the MyLink features collected from the Lebanon Chevrolet dealer.

Phone Friendliness

Chevrolet started with the good job of phone integration with its vehicles to establish a sound connection between the car occupants and with their people while on the way. Its compatibility with the smartphone is done through the MyLink display, that enables the selected apps and features making them operable on the built-in touch-screen display. MyLink is also integrated with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Pandora Internet Radio, Stitcher Smart radio and more.

Customizing Option

The Chevrolet Shop allows the user to browse and install apps and customize the system with their favorite things like loading music and audiobooks directly into the Chevrolet MyLink.

Teen Driver Technology

Chevrolet comes with a built-in system to encourage and ensure safe driving habits, especially for the novice teen drivers. The industry-first in-vehicle report card of the Teen Driver technology informs the parents about how their children are driving the vehicle and push them to coach them about better driving techniques. By creating a PIN the Chevrolet MyLink display can be accessed in this Teen Driver Technology, and a host of features can be enabled to make sure the teens drive down safely.

These features include:

  • Muting the car audio when the front-seat occupants didn’t wear the safety belts
  • Throwing audible and visual alerts when the crosses the preselected speed limit
  • Setting up a limit on the volume of the music
  • Preventing the turning off of safety features like available active safety features, such as Park Assist and Engine Sensors

Turn-By-Turn Navigation

The Lebanon Chevrolet dealer opined that now connecting with a friendly OnStar Advisor is easier with Chevrolet MyLink. Whether it is to have directions at a glance or getting a turn by turn navigation, it can be sent straight to the Chevrolet MyLink system via the OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation feature.

Summing Up

If it is time for bringing home a new Chevrolet, then it is time to enjoy MyLink features inside the cabin and stay connected to the world while reaching out for destinations.

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