Reasons Why You Should Not Modify The Engine Of Your BMW Car


Making modifications to the engine of a BMW car has become a trend these days.

Now, in the opinion of a BMW certified specials mechanic associated with a renowned BMW car service provider in Perth, overriding the factory settings of your BMW car is surely an effective way of increasing the performance of your car but at the same time, it comes with its fair share of problems.

Some of those problems are as follows –

It is not at all a cheap proposition

Making modifications to the engine of your BMW is not cheap as you would need to procure costly high-performance parts and ask a BMW specialist mechanic to replace the stock parts of your BMW car’s engine, with them.

Furthermore, a high-performance engine will rev more and more rev means more frequent visits to the BMW-certified mechanic’s garage for your BMW car maintenance. On top of this, your car will consume more fuel per kilometer thus ensuring the fact that it will burn more holes in your pocket.

In the end, you will be spending money on three fronts.

Are you ready to bear more holes in your pocket?

It is a great way to void the warranty of your BMW car

BMW, like any other car manufacturer, will void the warranty on your car the moment you make alterations to the factory settings of the car. In case your modified BMW suffers an electrical or mechanical failure, you cannot take the car to the OEM and ask for assistance.

In short, if you own a BMW and make modifications to its engine or even to its fascia, body, etc. and run into trouble, fixing it up will require you to pay for the troubleshooting session from your own pocket.

It will add more strain to the engine of your BMW car

More power means more strain on the engine of your beloved BMW.

As mentioned earlier, a high-performance engine will rev much higher when compared to a stock engine. This means that all the movable and even the stationary parts inside the engine of your BMW car will be subjected to more mechanical wear.

No wonder the F1 cars cannot use their engine after each race. The whole engine needs to rebuild from the ground up for the next race.

Hence, making engine modifications to your BMW car means you would need to replace more parts like Best Head Gasket Sealer frequently such as its –

  • Clutch
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Exhaust
  • Intake manifold
  • Head gaskets and whatnot.

On top of this, you would also need to take the car to the shop for frequent oil changes and tune-ups.

In simple words – avoid modifying your BMW car.

It is evident by now that modifying your BMW car is not at all a good idea. The engineers at BMW spent years developing your BMW car. This ensures that the product is already primed when the keys land on your hand. If you are not a professional racing driver or the owner of a tuning garage, then refrain from modifying the engine of your BMW car – it is the way of the wise.

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