5 Aftermarket Auto Accessories Every Car Lover Needs


Trimming out your car with handy accessories is a great way to make it work better for you. Aftermarket auto accessories can make your car safer, better for storage, and easier to navigate.

But how do you know which accessories are most important or most useful? Fortunately, for you, we’ve taken a look at tons of options and narrowed things down to five things every car lover needs.

Read on to see what you should add to your car next.

1. Phone Mount

Having a strong, useful phone mount for your car is a must-have accessory. There are tons of different kinds to choose from. Make sure you pick one that is strong enough to support your phone.

Choose a phone mount with a good clip or a strong magnet. Make sure it can swivel enough that you or your passenger can see the screen from your seat.

Two great options to consider are the iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Fast Charging Dash and Windshield Mount and the MaxBoost Car Mount. The iOttie comes with wireless charging built-in.

2. Vacuum Cleaner

No matter how clean and tidy you are, you’re always going to be dragging dirt into your car. And if you have a pet or kids it could be even messier. So, adding a vacuum cleaner to your list of best aftermarket auto accessories is a great idea.

There are two main types of car vacuums to consider. One plugs into your 12V outlet, the other is battery powered and can be charged in the car.

Choose from the ArmorAll 12V CarVac, the Black and Decker portable cordless, or the Yantu Car Vacuum.

3. Roof Box

If you like road trips or just have a lot of stuff to transport, adding a roof box to your car makes a lot of sense. The Thule Roof Box is one of the best options on the market.

These boxes are tough. You can lock them so that things stay safe when you leave the vehicle. They are weatherproof, too, so your items stay dry.

The biggest options can add as much as 20 or more cubic feet to your storage space. That makes for a lot less crowded interior as you hit the road!

4. Trunk Organizer

Another great way to keep things tidy and organized in your car is a trunk organizer. These aftermarket auto accessories come in two different types. Choose your preference from a net-style that hooks just in front of the tailgate or a stand-alone style that has pockets and storage areas.

Starling’s Car Trunk Organizer has handles so you can lift it out. It also has multiple pockets and a lid to keep things safe. The Zone Tech Three Pocket Mesh Storage Net is great for keeping groceries in place as you drive home.

5. Battery Jumper

You just never know when you might need to jump your battery. So adding a battery jumper set to your accessories can get you out of a pinch when it does happen.

The NOCO GB40 or the Bolt Power G33A Car Jump Starter are two great options.

Get Some Aftermarket Auto Accessories

There are literally hundreds of aftermarket auto accessories to choose from, but this shortlist of five of the most useful should make it into your car.

From cleaning to storage to safety and tech, each item on this list will make your car a little more user-friendly.

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