How Dash Cams Can Help Truck Drivers


One of the most positive aspects of technology used on motor vehicles is that through its uses we can greatly minimize the risk of accidents. This is true in car manufacturing and it is also true when it comes to trucking. With regards to trucking one of the most positive advancements which we have seen has been the introduction of cameras such as dash cams. Reducing the number of accidents involving trucks is going to save many lives around the country. In fact you only need to speak to a truck accident lawyer to see just how devastating these accidents can be. There are a number of ways in which these cameras can make trucking safer, and help in the wake of an accident.

Detailing The Accident

One huge positive which we see from these cameras is that using them after an accident can help us identify exactly what happened. This could be an impaired or fatigued driver, it could be a malfunction in the cab or it could even be the fault of another road user. Using the information as to how accidents happen can greatly help us in making sure that the same situation doesn’t repeat, and cameras can help with that.

Removing Blind Spots

A common issue which many truckers have is the blind spots which exist, both in front and behind the vehicle in particular. Generally speaking there could be a blind spot of between 20 or 30 feet at the front and the rear of a truck, which of course can present a danger. Using cameras this can become a thing of the past and truck drivers are going to be able to rely on a 360 degree view around their truck.

Cargo Safety

One of the most common types of truck accidents which we see involves cargo which is not properly secured at the rear of the truck. This may not be apparent when the truck begins to move, but at some point during the journey that cargo can come lose, and then cause real problems when trying to drive. Usually truckers don’t realize this until it is too late, and they have caused an accident. Using cameras in the rear of the truck will not only ensure that cargo is safeguarded from thieves, but drivers will also be able to check on the status of their cargo whilst they are on the move.

Stopping Drivers

Using cameras in the cab, trucking companies can make sure that their drivers are safe. More importantly they can use these cameras to identify any drivers who appear to be heavily fatigued or even under the influence of something. If a trucking company is aware of this they can contact the driver and tell them to stop, or contact the police if they feel that there is a present danger there.

This is exactly how these cameras can be used to keep drivers and truckers safe.

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