Get the Word Out: 7 Must-Know Methods of Out of the Box Marketing


Finding new ways to market your business is getting more challenging every year. It can be difficult to get some results, especially if you’re a new business.

So, how do you start marketing like a pro with unique marketing methods? Continue reading to find out and learn more about these out of the box marketing methods.

  1. Establish a Loyalty Program

These programs are amazing at helping your audience trust your brand even more. It helps your business captures customer enthusiasm. This boosts your marketing qualified lead generation and sales.

It incentivizes your customers, partners, and employees to be your brand advocates. They can get rewarded if they post online reviews, participate in blogs, and submit case studies. Your customers can advance to different levels to cash in on perks and priveledges.

  1. Share Customer Reviews and Ratings

About 90% of consumers trust the reviews and recommendations made by other people. It helps reassure customers and clients with your performance, quality, and value of your claims. Display honest reviews of your services and products on your websites, in-store, and social media.

  1. Produce User-Generated Content

Among the best methods of marketing is creating user-generated content. 85% of users find visual UGC is more influential than brand photos or videos. This is because it engages your audience and encourages them to buy your products.

What’s great is that they also market these products to their friends and family. A famous example is Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign. This drove their sales up as people wanted to find one to share with a friend with the same name.

  1. Adding Personalization

Product personalization is a great way to start marketing like a pro and boost your sales. It also gets more engagement from consumers. Customers tend to stay in the websites longer, visit the page or store more frequently, and become more loyal.

  1. Advertise With Cars

If you have a car, truck, or SUV, you can place an add on top of it to advertise your brand. You can add some vehicle wraps to show what you’re brand is about. It’s a durable, flashy, and a great attention grabber.

  1. Host a Contest

Running a contest is a great way to build your lead base and increase conversions and revenue. You can build contests and sweepstakes that will maximize your online visibility and sales. Start by making your email list so your customers can know what they want to buy.

Contest marketing can help you engage your customers and build a fanbase. It’s also a rich source of data to learn a great deal from your contest’s interaction and conversation.

  1. Give Back to the Community

Giving back to the community is a method for marketing like a pro to build your reputation. It shows an investment from your business into the community where your employees live. Consistently giving will get the attention of the people who are working and volunteering at organizations you support.

Stand Out With Out of the Box Marketing

Now is the time to use out of the box marketing! Start marketing like a pro to boost your sales and visibility in the local to the global market. We hope you enjoyed reading this guide!

Feel free to share this knowledge with your friends and family. Check out our other blogs for more helpful guides.

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