5 Powerful Facts About Lithium Car Batteries


Lithium car batteries are truly the future of powering our cars. They’re able to produce 150 watts-hours (WH) of energy per kilogram, making them more than twice as efficient as nickel-metal hydride batteries.

This means cars can go longer in between charges, which is usually one of the biggest complaints about electric or hybrid cars.

Keep reading to learn the 5 powerful facts about lithium car batteries.

  1. Lower Discharge Rate

The rate at which a battery loses its charge is considered the discharge rate, and when batteries don’t last long after being charged, it can be incredibly annoying.

When comparing lithium-ion batteries to nickel-cadmium (NiMH) batteries, lithium batteries last much longer. Instead of losing 20% of its charge within a month as the NiMH batteries do a lithium battery only lose about 1-2% over the month.

  1. Less Maintenance Needed

Definitely, a major plus, a lithium-ion car battery requires far less maintenance compared to typical batteries on the market today.

Ni-Cad battery cells need to be discharged periodically to make sure they continue to work the right way. Similarly, lead-acid battery cells also need maintenance and the battery acid to be topped off.

Thankfully, lithium car batteries don’t need either of these to keep your car running and efficient.

  1. Better for the Environment

The best lithium car battery benefit is the effect it has on the environment. These car batteries are a better solution when compared to burning fossil fuels. By using the long-lasting lithium batteries, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and leaving a better world.

Another benefit for the environment is how long the batteries last. You don’t need to replace your battery every couple of years now, which reduces the electronic waste you produce.

  1. Long Lasting Results

On average, a lithium car battery can last up to 8 years. This gives you a better bang for your buck, making your purchase more economical. You won’t have to worry about always changing your car battery or wondering if it’s going to start.

You can be confident that your lithium car battery will be charged, last a long time, and always ready to work for you when you need to get somewhere.

  1. Safer Indoor Facilities

When you’re not burning fossil fuels, you’re improving the air quality both indoors and outdoors. Also, you’re not having to top off acid run batteries and risking getting burned by the acid or keeping it stored correctly. Both of these advantages make the lithium battery a preferred choice for running indoor equipment.

It’s also nice to have a quieter running machine compared to gas-powered equipment.

Switch to Lithium Car Batteries Today

Now that you understand the benefits and advantages of using lithium car batteries make the switch today. You’ll be happy with less maintenance and a longer-lasting charge.

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