Aspects to Consider When Having your Car Serviced


When looking for a suitable garage to service your car, there are several aspects to consider. First and most important of all, is a garage that is approved by the maker of your vehicle, which ensures the servicing will be carried out correctly, another important point to take into account is the use of genuine replacement parts. There are companies that manufacture car components that are not genuine, in other words, they are not approved by the manufacturer, and would likely malfunction after a short period of time.

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Prestige Cars

If you drive a prestige car like a BMW or Mercedes Benz, you can’t take your car to just any garage for a service. Fortunately, there is an affordable Mercedes Benz service Centre in Newcastle, where you can be sure that the car will be correctly maintained in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Typical Car Service

When you book your car in for a service, the following would be included:

  • Engine Oil Replacement – According to the mileage specified in the owner’s manual.
  • Inspection of Belts – Looking for wear and tear and lack of tension.
  • Checking Engine Coolant Level – Topped up when necessary.
  • Check for Brake & Steering Fluid Levels – Topping up as required.
  • Brake Pad Inspection – Brake pads generally replaced every 50,000 miles or thereabouts.

Other aspects of a vehicle service might include engine timing, exhaust integrity, steering and electrics.

All details of the service would wither be recorded in the rear section of the owner’s manual, or entered into a computer database, which can be accessed by all registered service agents.

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