Your Guide To Choosing An EV Charging Cable


The trend of electric vehicles is increasing and many people are now turning towards electric cars rather than gas-powered cars. There are many good reasons to opt for electric cars rather than fuelled cars. But, before buying one you need to understand that these cars come with rechargeable batteries which need to be charged at regular interval of time to keep it up and running.

For charging of these cars, you would be requiring a recharging cable called the EV Charging Cable. But it is necessary that you make the right selection of EV charging cable for efficient and quick charging of the electric car. Below is a helpful guide choosing the right EV charging cable for the type of electric car you have. 

Checking the Type of Charging Plug Your Car Has

The very first thing which you are required to do is to check the type of charging plug that your car has. Many people make a mistake by choosing the wrong model of cable for charging and all their money go in vain. So, it is important for you to choose the charging cable that is suitable for the make and model of electric car you have.

Most of the electric cars available in the market today come with two different types of sockets – type 1 and type 2 charging socket. Depending upon the type of charging socket your car has you need to make the selection. Most of the Indian, American and Asian electric car models come with type 1 socket and the European or Tesla models come with type-2 socket and for such models, you need to buy the Type 2 Charging Cable.

Check the Length of the Cable

The second important thing to consider while buying a charging cable for your electric car is the length of the EV charging Cable. The length of the cable needs to be decided based on the position of the charging port on your car. There are cables of different length and you need to choose the length based on the positioning of the charging port and the wall socket. Ensure that length is sufficient that reaches the wall socket and the charging port in your car for quick and easy charging. It is estimated that a cable length must be of 4 meter which is sufficient for reaching hard to reach wall sockets and charging options in the car. 

Check How Long it Takes to Charge the Battery in Car

The EV charging cable usually comes with different capacities. For faster and quick charging of the EV cars, you need to use 3×32A Type-2 EV cables which are recommended for high capacity plug-in vehicles.  

These were some of the tips which you need to consider while buying the EV charging cable.

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